White Shark Media Says How You Can Use Good Keywords In SEO Strategies

Whether you’re trying to build your business presence through organic searches or get traffic through PPC and SEM advertising, you need to know how to use SEO properly including basic keywords. That’s why White Shark Media has put a blog post out there with some tips and guidelines for using SEO keywords. White Shark Media has specialized in keyword research and data analytics since its founding in 2011 and its experts have helped small businesses maximize their ROI through advanced marketing methods.


One thing White Shark Media says you should do to use effective keywords is to have creative website and header titles that include keywords in a natural form and also use similar approaches in the meta description. While it is not a given for paragraphs within the websites content, they recommend only using keywords about two or three times in it. Images that have keywords in them are also important. They strongly urge users to take care they don’t stuff or excessively use keywords in the webpage.

Another tip they recommend is using software to track how often certain keywords are used in which searches. Such software recommended by White Shark Media includes Wordstream, Ubersuggest and Google Trends. Similarly using synonyms for various keywords and researching how to mesh keywords in with search engine queries can also enhance your website’s SEO image.


White Shark Media is focused on small to midsized businesses with professional SEM campaign optimization services. From start to finish senior advisors are watching the signup process so that all of White Shark Media’s representatives can answer questions that come up. One reason why you should consider hiring White Shark Media is that they are certified by Google and Microsoft as an authorized AdWords and Bing reseller. Also they are highly reviewed by their customers and know how to make sure you are not overbidding for keywords and turning your campaigns into revenue instead of extra expenses.


White Shark Media prides itself on being in tune with customer needs and complaints, and hearing complaints has caused them to change ways they do business. One area they addressed was customers expressing concerns that they had lost touch with their AdWords campaigns. They have meetings every month now on GoToMeeting where they keep all customers up to date with campaign developments. Also some customers expressed the need to know how many customers were coming through the phone. White Shark Media now has specific call tracking software that can monitor phone traffic.