Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty guru currently living in Australia. Originally born in China Wengie migrated to Australia when she was very young to live with her parents. She is one of the top known Youtube Gurus and has one of the largest followings in Australia and all over the world. Wengie has over 4 million subscribers and her channel continues to grow everyday.


Wengie is known for her great video hacks such as her hair hacks video in which Wengie shows her viewers how to save time and money on their hair care as well as shows tips and tricks on how to have nice, longer more luxurious hair. One of the biggest and best tips in the hair hacks video is taking care of your hair through diet and vitamins. Your diet plays a huge role in how healthy your hair skin and even nails are. Filling your body with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables will help you to have longer and stronger hair. Vitamins also help make hair stronger and even softer.


Throughout the video Wengie also gives viewers some great ideas for hairstyles.  Wengie also shows some simple hair hacks for getting light curls without doing any of the real work. It is a great video for those who are just beginning or even those who need some new hair tips and tricks.


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