We Love Lime Crime Velvetines

We love Lime Crime Velvetines. This is the message that all the beauty bloggers are releasing to their followers online. The fact is that the Velvetines are a very original lipstick that is available in a wide array of bold and dazzling colors that really capture the imagination. Say goodbye to boring beige or browns. Say hello to colors like Salem, Wicked, Fetish, Cashmere, Jinx, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Flamingo, Blondie, and many more outrageously gorgeous colors. Doe Deere is the creative force behind all these dazzling colors and the founder of the makeup company.


Got Lips?

Well, if you have lips, they deserve the best. The reviews are in and the lipsticks that are produced by Lime Crime are receiving rave reviews. Those that wear the gorgeous colored Velvetine line report that the lipsticks do not smudge. Certainly, this is good news for those that find that their present lipstick must be applied several times a day. In addition, the lipstick has real staying power. Apply the lipstick in the morning and it will last till the wee hours of the night. Others report that they simply love the sweet aroma that reminds them of vanilla. In fact, the pleasant aroma lingers for a very long time. Thus, making your lips kissable sweet.


Lime Crime Velvetines

The lipsticks are magical and they are made with exceptional quality. Of course, it is important to make sure that you purchase the real Velvetines. The real ones are easy to distinguish from the fakes on some other websites. The real Velvetines are bright, bold, and very dazzling. In addition, they are very luxurious. This is something that is difficult for other imitators to copy. Did you know that the Velvetines are the original liquid to matte lipstick? In addition, the lipstick is animal cruelty free and purely vegan.