Vincent Parascandola acheivements in AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola is known to be a financial expert working with AXA consultants. He is the senior vice president of the AXA Group which operates on the global scale. Vincent holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from pace university, New York.

In AXA Advisors Vincent Parascandola plays a significant role in recruiting as well as training new advisors to increase the level of workforce and growth of the firm. Parascandola also ensures the level of production has improved compared to the existing producers through accountability for the increase in the profit margin.

He started his outstanding career in a financial field back in 1987 at Prudential Insurance where he worked as a sales agent. Vincent Parascandola has exceptional skills concerning economic and investment advisory affairs. He held the managerial position in MONY Life Insurance Company before he started working with AXA Group. Parascandola later moved to AXA Advisors where he began working at AXA Group unit as the president of the Advantage Group.

His leadership qualities are very exceptional. Vincent worked three times as a co-manager at AXA Company which required him to deal with many official advisors across the globe. He is an eloquent speaker and delivers speeches during various conferences held by industries and companies. You can visit Alumnius for more.

During his duty as the vice president of AXA Group, he has consummated a lot in his line of duty with the company extending its growth boundaries to a higher level. Vincent Parascandola has been acknowledged severally with GAMA’S career development and master agency award. AXA Advisors is ranked as the global leaders in financial protection and wealth management. For more details visit Crunchbase.

AXA Advisors involves a group of professional financial agents who deal with protections of clients’ families, property against risks. It also aids the clients on how to plan on their assets and pension for a better lifestyle. The team is said to have numerous professionals who provide strategic plans for matter’s pertaining company growth and clients investment needs. Vincent Parascandola is the cheerleader of the company who has transformed it to be the leading financial protection company in New York. The vast experience of twenty years has made him overcome challenges and improve the performance of the AXA Advisor. Check out Vimeo to see more.

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