Vijay Eswaran Shares The Five Elements That Every Good Servant Leader Needs

A servant leader is someone who devotes himself to serving others and, while that may sound simple enough, Vijay Eswaran says it requires some very specific traits. In explaining what these characteristics are, Vijay reveals that he learned how to excel in this area through watching his own father. Now, he passes on these lessons to others.


Mr. Eswaran says a good servant leader must care about everyone with whom he meets. This includes employees and customers, as well as others with whom he interacts throughout the day. By expressing empathy and looking after the needs of your employees, for instance, they will, in turn, take greater care in how they regard their jobs.

Clear Vision

If you want others to follow, you first need to know where you’re headed. This is especially true as an entrepreneur. Taking the role of servant leader can be difficult, if you don’t have your goals set. Being able to articulate those plans to others will help them embrace your passion as their own.

Core Values

Vijay adds that a good servant leader also needs to commit to a philosophy of values, which he can share with his team. When he’s unwavering in his honesty, integrity, and compassion, his team will observe these traits and emulate them in their own behaviors.

Encourage Growth

Certainly, you want your own business to grow and evolve. The best way of doing this, according to Mr. Eswaran’s philosophy, is by helping others in your organization to grow. By helping individuals within the organization grow, the business, as a whole, will also grow.


Every leader must be prepared to sacrifice and to understand that there will be a price to be paid. After all, this is your dream, so it’s up to you to work the long hours, sacrifice your resources, and commit to the long haul. You’re the only one that feels passionate about your dream, so, if you’re not willing to pay your dues, you shouldn’t expect that much effort from others, either.

Vijay Eswaran adds that being a true servant leader is to place others’ needs above your own. It’s something he strives to do in his own life and he feels it has worked for him. To follow Mr. Eswaran’s example can help you become better at business and happier at living.