USHEALTH Leads the Way in Health Insurance

USHEALTH, which is based in Texas, is in the service of providing insurance solution to a variety of clients. This company therefore offers accident insurance to victims of road and industrial accidents. It has disability cover and sickness insurance covers as well. There is also life insurance cover. USHEALH delivers solutions for families, employees, self employed persons and small businessmen. This insurer has been in business for the last 5 decades and more.


Offered Products


Owing to the understanding that customers are different, we have a broad portfolio coverage that considers a variety of scenarios. This range of products enables USHEALTH to serve each customer affordably, flexibly and reliably.


Those customers, who are worried about having to satisfy a high yearly deductible amount, before they qualify for benefits, are considered. For such customers USHEALTH provides ‘first dollar benefits’ for the covered services. We also offer network discounts ‘across a large spectrum of service providers’. We gather that these are more affordable in comparison to the comprehensive plans.


There are those of our customers who prefer tailored coverage and as such can afford the required cost sharing level. To this lot, we have flexible and reliable products. We help our customers to enhance their protection through linking them with our ancillary products such as income protector, dental and visual cover plans, term life cover and accident covers.


In this market, where customer loyalty falters, USHEALTH Group tries to build long and lasting relationships with customers.




Through USHEALTH advisors, customers are guaranteed a pleasant buying experience. Our advisors are licensed, a fete they achieve after going through training and satisfactorily meeting the criteria required. Upon training, these advisors are able to represent USHEALTH diligently and in a competent manner thereby helping clients make the best choices. It is this commitment to the client that is drawing more clients to our fold daily.




The solutions offered at USHEALTH bears in mind that clients have different needs and this therefore means a one size fits all kind of solution is not acceptable. In line with this philosophy, there are many choices availed to clients. This line of thinking attracts more customers, so that after 5 decades in the business we have served more than 15 million people. The customer service centers in place go to ensure that all customers are heard and served in a timely fashion. USHEALTH Group in 2013 was recognized as having one of the top call centers in America. The group even has a rating of A+ from ‘Better Business Bureau’.


Our Mission


Our mission is spelled out in the acronym HOPE, which translates as helping other people every day. The management and staff in our companies and subsidiaries along with our agents all work in sync to deliver this mission.