The Importance of Speed and Innovation According to Fabletics

Some of the more important aspects in business according to Fabletics parent company TechStyle are that of speed and innovation. This is especially important when it comes to marketing. One of the common traits of digital companies is that they have more of a desire to do their own marketing. This is a lot different than the older companies that have started offline such as Procter and Gamble. The ad agency deal is one of the old ways of doing business. Many of the newer online businesses are actually not all that eager to bring their business to an ad agency for many reasons.


This type of development is bring a lot of concern to the advertisers because they are used to getting all of the business. Fabletics has named some of the areas where advertising agencies have fallen short. One of the shortcomings of ad agencies is that they are focused on convincing customers that they want a certain product. While dictating the desires of the consumer has worked well enough for a while, the internet and birth of tons of new businesses have brought forth a different mindset and approach to advertising and marketing. For one thing, advancements in technology and changes to economic conditions have caused more online businesses to be started.


The main reason behind the choice to market without the agency is how businesses can interact with the customer. Fabletics calls it leveraging the power of the crowd. This is where people can take the time to not only build their online presence but also keep in contact with their customers as they continue to build their brands. They must also be available to keep the communications open with their consumers so that they will be able to answer any questions or solve any problems that come up with the products.


Fabletics is definitely showing tons of innovation beyond the clothes that they offer. Kate Hudson and the other founders have thought about every aspect of their marketing and has decided that it is important that the customer is the focus instead of the products. The products are no longer the selling factor. In the old days, the company told the customers what they wanted. This time, it is up to the customer to let the company know about the products they want so that they will be totally satisfied with what is being offered to them.