The Brown Agency is Always Taking Applicants for Bookings

Modeling agencies are everywhere. At any moment during the day, another one can open and begin business. Some agencies, however, are a cut above the rest. Those are the ones that grow careers in modeling and make the industry fabulous. The Brown Agency, out of Austin, Texas is one of those.


Opened back in 2015, during the summer, the Brown Modeling Agency began promoting some of the top Texas models. Considering how they grew as fast as they did, it was little wonder how they ended up becoming so big.



The attitude that the modeling agency has goes a long way. Brown’s Modeling Agency is based on the simple idea that the company is only as good as the people that work for it. Meaning, the company revolves around their models instead of the other way around. Taking pride in what they do is the first step to building an empire in the industry.


For anyone considering a modeling career in the Austin area, this is the place to begin. Brown has some basic questions to consider before a model applies. According to, they are based on identifying the potential model’s ability and interest area.


  1. The model should ask themselves what their body type is. Anyone can be a model if they are in fit shape. Even plus size models exist.
  2. Does the body type match the category of modeling that is desired? If not, then make the change to the correct category.
  3. Can you sparkle? This is an odd question for some. It’s important though. Some people can make their face glow when they smile. If the model is considering being a model that includes the face, then this part is essential. While high fashion models don’t really smile, most models will need to have that ability to sparkle.


Model Categories:


– High Fashion

– Print Modeling

– Commercial Modeling

– Plus Size


While those are the current categories that the Brown Modeling Agency is hiring for, there are always other categories that change over time. All applicants must go through a process to help them discover if they are a match for the agency. If they are, then the process goes to the next level of the applicant process. While it can be tedious to go through all of the steps, it really is best for the correct selection of people for the agency.


The Brown Modeling Agency is located at 100 Congress Ave #2000 in Austin, TX 78701. Their phone number is 512-370-4959. Applicants can email the agency at [email protected] for the Austin, Texas location. All applicants are considered regardless of their race, color or age. The agency serves many functions within media, and can often find a booking for a model.