Talk Fusion’s Product Gains recognition in the Communication Sector.

Talk Fusion is a company that has specialized in offering stated-of-the art communication solutions across the planet. The Video Chat Solution of the company was honored by being made the winner of the Communication Solutions Product of the Year. The recognition was offered by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and it was the second that it received in 2016. The function of the award is to appreciate the excellent performance of the communication applications that offer data, audio, and video solutions and were launched less than 12 months ago.


The company has developed its video chat product using top-notch technology that is known as WebRTC, and it facilitates efficient face-to-face communication through computers, tablets, as well as smartphones. The application can be downloaded to devices that use the Android and iOS. Talk Fusion’s award shows that its product is creative and has made significant progress in the industry since its launch in March 2016. The CEO and proprietor of the company, Bob Reina, has been striving to ensure that its products stay up-to-date and stand out in the industry.


Talk Fusion has had significant accomplishments in 2016. They include establishing free trial products, creating, and purchasing a new WebRTC decoder. The company has been working to ensure that all its customers solve their communication needs through the program. It also empowers the associates across the world to reach the maximum number of clients.


Talk Fusion has been highly acknowledged for its integrated video marketing product. The Video Marketing Solution that it released is the first of its kind that has ever been accessed by the public. It has been dedicated to making its customers stand out from their competitors, and therefore, make excellent returns from their businesses. Talk Fusion has designed its video marketing product to be user-friendly, appealing, and credible hence they attract the clients. The company markets and sells its products by using independent agents who create networks. The firm has been operational since 2007 and has managed to sell its products in 140 countries.