Dr. Mark McKenna Founder of OVME Provides Luxurious Treatment Experience in Atlanta

Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician by profession and an aggressive entrepreneur. He has been licensed to perform surgery and medicine by the Louisiana and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Mark has been performing his professional duties diligently and loved the fact that he helps patients every day. Dr. Mark McKenna was raised in Orleans, Los Angeles. He attended the Tulane University Medical School where he obtained his degree in medicine. Upon graduating, Dr. Mark practiced medicine with his father who is also a physician. Although he studied and performed medicine, he was attracted to the entrepreneurial world precisely in the real estate industry.


Dr. Mark McKenna eventually ventured into the business world and slowly began to build his real estate business. He found his own company McKenna Venture Investment, a real estate development firm. During the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Mark lost millions, and his cash flow drastically went to zero. In the aftermath of the strike, he participated in building affordable houses through the development of low-moderate income housing. Dr. Mark McKenna career as a real estate investor came to a halt after losing property during the Hurricane Katrina and quickly shifted back to the medical field. Recently, he made headlines with his new creation “OVME” meaning “of me” in Buckhead, Atlanta. OVME is a technology-enabled, medical aesthetic company that is set to provide elective healthcare. The project’s primary mission was to provide luxurious services experience to patients. Mark’s venture will help numerous patients in Atlanta by providing high tech services to clients.


The idea of establishing OVME came after working in the aesthetics industry for over ten years. He worked at ShapedMed, a company that offered cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, Weight management and nutrition. The cosmetic treatment company was later on sold to Life Time Fitness Inc., where he also worked as the National Medical Director. OVME offers a wide range of skin and facial services including; Vivace micro needling, injection of neurotoxins which helps in making the skin look youthful, and dermal fillers that help in keeping lips look plumper. The creation is grounded in cutting-edge technology, for example, the OVME team recently introduced a new feature that will be an ultimate solution to weight management, and begins with the analysis of the patients DNA.