Entrepreneur Jason Hope Envisions a Non-Aging Future

When most individuals think of aging, they assume it to be an inevitable process in which your physique weakens and your mental sharpness deteriorates. Numerous diseases have been accepted as commonplace which might include heart disease, various cancers, diabetes and alzheimer’s disease. However, Arizonan entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope believes that society simply has more options other than to accept the effects of aging for what it is.

He has contributed more than half a million to the non-profit SENS Foundation for numerous years. The organization is a biotech focused charity dedicated to reshaping how the public views the effects of aging and researching alternatives that will effectively combat such effects. They have pioneered a method exclusive to their organization that involves repairing living cells within a patient’s body in order to counteract the effects of aging altogether. In addition to research, the SENS Foundation also participates in public outreach to raise awareness regarding the significant potential of their work.

After being a loyal contributor for years, Jason Hope states that he predicts the organization will play a significant role in creating tremendous change within the medical industry. Hope predicts that the company will be responsible for redefining the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. He highly praised the SENS for not only focusing repairing the damage caused by aging but also focusing on preventing these age-related before they have a chance to emerge.

Jason Hope’s contribution enabled the SENS Foundation to advance even faster on their vision. Specifically, Hope envisions a future that is significantly different from the current conventional health care system. As a result, he looks to organizations that focus on preventing age-related diseases from happening in the first place rather than primarily focusing on treatment. The SENS Foundation fits his ambitions perfectly and are currently working towards their vision of eliminating all age-related diseases.

About Jason Hope: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity