Relmada complaint against Laidlaw

Recently announcing, Relmada has filed a motion to make changes in their complaint against Laidlaw and Company (UK) in the court of the U.S District Courts for District of Nevada. The proposal for the amending the complaint is the part of lawsuit previously filed in the Nevada District Court. According to Relmada, the company is pursuing damages in monetary terms from fees and cost that occurred due to Laidlaw’s false and ambiguous proxy materials earlier in December 2015. The Nevada court had previously issued a provisional restraining order and associated injunction against the principals of Laidlaw that included James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, Relmada noted that and added that it occurred as a result of their broadcasting of very false and misleading proxies.

The board of directors at Relmada believes compensation should be done by Laidlaw for the damages at Relmada that has been occurring due to their false actions and actions should be taken for the preventions of further losses and harm to the company from Laidlaw in future

Laidlaw and Company headquarter is located in New York, New York. The company is an expert and provides wealth management and investment banking services to many individuals and institutions in the United Kingdom and also in the United States. Their services include the raising of capital by the placement of equity with different institutional and retail investors; they are proficient in the placement of mezzanine and debt capital with investors related to different institutions, providing a good arrangement of listings in the national exchange. They also provide AIM listed transactional services in the United Kingdom and also offers initial public offerings. They provide various services regarding wealth management that include good financial planning, management of the portfolio and high-class advisory services regarding investment. Due to their versatility of their services, it is one of the biggest companies around the world in the field of investment banking.

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