Railroading Into The Future Greg Aziz Leading NSC

In 1912 a group of investors led by Sir John Morison Gibson joined up and founded Imperial Steel Car, which for the first few years after conception was so successful and exceeded its creator’s expectations. However, during the depression in the 1930s, the company fell behind, and after changing its name to National Steel Car Corporation Limited, it resorted to manufacturing truck and bus bodies and outboard motor boats to stay afloat.


Before being bought out by Gregory James Aziz acting on behalf of Hamilton Corporation National Industries Inc. in 1994, a death toll had been more or less abandoned by its previous owner, Dofasco. Apart from the various legal actions petitions facing the company, its earlier complacent culture of relying on low-cost production methods had brought down heavy fines from regulatory bodies. These sent the former giant down on its knees and pundits were already preparing for its demise.


After attending Ridley College, Greg Aziz, born in 1949, joined the University of Western Ontario graduating with a degree in Economics. After campus, he joined his father at Affiliated Foods where he worked for close to two decades, he brought in new suppliers from Europe and Southern America as well as expanding the company’s supply. This, in turn, raised the family business to international standards, and by the time of his departure, Affiliated was the largest importer of whole foods in Northern America. Go Here for more information.


When Greg Aziz left his father’s company, he moved to New York. Here he managed to expand his clients’ assets and enhanced his portfolio while working in various capacities as an investment banker. He pursued this route for a decade before the itch to go it business for himself finally pushed him back home. He took over National Steel Car when it was facing certain failure, and family and friends expressed their skepticism on the decision.


With massive investments in capital and human resources, Greg Aziz was able to increase production by over 200% from a pitiful 3,500 to a massive 12,500 railcars within ten years of acquisition. To cover the new demand, he added an extra 2,000 employees to the already existing workforce of about 500. With his experience and dogged determination, Gregory James Aziz had transformed a failing and mismanaged company into ISO certified organization recognized throughout the globe as the leader in freight car manufacturer. With 13 consecutive wins of prestigious TTX SECO Awards, the future burns bright for National Steel Car.


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