Providing Greater Oversight For Peaked Money Management

Money is a big responsibility.

Without providing oversight to your cash, that cash is as good as nothing.

You need oversight and management.

And guess what? No one can do these alone. If you’re looking for a place to leverage your money or to make more money when you spend it, take a closer look at NexBank.

Our success and pride comes from the financial achievements which all of our clients make. What we have in store for you is just as good and makes the most of every penny.

The Services You Felt You Didn’t Need

But first, let’s cover a few common misconceptions. You see, your banking account needs to be more than a place where you hold money. Your money, whether it’s used for spending or investing, should be protected in a way that also ensures its increase. But let’s create a fine line between greed and responsibility and while we’re at it.

We don’t encourage you today because we only want you to have more money. We also want you to realize the responsibility you have and with any amount. That task to manage and oversee your money is also a right you have. We at NexBank have maximized it and have enabled you to achieve more with less.

Every penny you have will go a much longer way. …

Why Every Number Matters

Part of the work we do at NexBank is making sense of all of the numbers.

And don’t be misguided, every number does matter and makes a difference.

It’s only in complacency that we find the numbers slipping away and without notice. But NexBank is a different service provider. Whether your with an investment account or a simple checkings, we have a perfect fit.

Agora Financial Helps You Manage Your Wealth

Imagine this scenario. You’re nearing retirement and you want to make your golden years the best ever. You want a nest egg that will take care of you and your family. You have some extra earnings to invest. However, you can’t predict bubbles and market trends.

You want to control your money, but you don’t want to pay commission to a sleazy broker somewhere. But of course, staying on top of the markets can be a headache. You have to sort through conflicting advice and protect yourself from those who would steal your wealth.

That’s where Agora Financial comes in. Agora has helped people like you for over a decade to protect and grow wealth. With free newsletters, online publications, books, seminars, and documentaries, over 1 million readers have benefited from Agora’s advice. There are over 20 publications that help you navigate different areas of the market and more

Agora helps you find companies poised for rapid growth, know the secrets of building weatlh, and how to protect it. With 100% unbiased research, Agora is independent and does not accept money from investors or companies for coverage. And unlike traditional finance, the analysts don’t sit in offices all day. They are out in the field uncovering new opportunities, from oil discoveries in North Dakota, to hidden gold mines in Africa, to real estate booms in Mongolia.

Agora spends over $1 million per year on travel and research to help you find investments that haven’t hit mainstream yet. The reason is that the biggest names are rarely the best investments. By the time they are well known, the great investments have already been made. The key is to find them before they hit mainstream to buy cheap and watch your wealth grow. Agora predicted the rise in gold, the mortgage crisis four years before the bubble burst in 2008, and predicted the spike in oil. It predicted biotechnology way before mainstream media was reporting on it. Agora is recognized by most major finance magazines and newspapers.

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Brazil’s Rally Icon, Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins and his brother, Rodrigo Terpins, were motivated by their passion for off-road and speed and thus launched a rally team. The 22nd edition of the rally event was attended by Michel and his co-partner Justo as well as Rodrigo. During the event, pilot Michel and Justo completed the over 3,300 kilometers of required distance. However, before the completion of the race, Michel and Justo had faced a variety of non-avoidable circumstances. Michel’s achievements are attributed to his expertise and the MEM-developed T-Rex motorsport. Michel Terpins had prepared for this event’s edition as his motor had undergone a cycle of modification to advance its efficiency. Michel Terpins’ robust motorsport was equipped with a V8 engine that makes it sophisticated.

Michel Terpins’ completion of the event was traced to his experience that commenced in 2002. Additionally, Justo, Terpins’ mentor, equips Michel with the necessary skills required for the completion of the race. Justo’s advice generates for his years of participation in the Sertoes Rally and the attainment of four titles. Over the years, Michel Terpins has demonstrated his improvements during the rally events. The most fascination action provided by Michel during the recent rally event was persistence. When his car experienced mechanical problems brought by the environment, Michel Terpins opted to focus on the attainment of a win. Successfully, Justo aided Michel Terpins and motivated him until the race was completed.

The results of Michel’s and Justo’s time duration were fascinating. The pilot and his navigator finished the race with a time range of 2h37m. The Sertoes Rally gave Michel Terpins satisfaction for his acquisition of the fourth position on the platform comprised of five quickest other pilots. The event motivated Michel Terpins, and thus he extended his achievements to his hometown in his established event known as the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Additionally, Michel and Justo acquired additional points for their win during the third stage of the event that was characterized by a variety of challenges. Michel Terpins led with 61 points followed by Luiz Facco who attained 43 points. The other participants including Luis Nacif and Fabio Ruediger followed suit with lesser points than Michel Terpins.

Rocketship Education Believes in Public Community Based Education

Rocketship Education opened their public charter school doors to students ten years ago in San Jose, California. As Rocketship Education gained community recognition for their personal touch to at risk youth, they expanded their elementary curriculum to three additional states. Rocketship Education’s success was built on strong values of supporting under represented student populations. Student, teachers, administration, and parents all learn through Rocketship Education because they’re committed to high standards. Their standards include everyones perspective within the educational community that their students reside within. Rocketship Education dedicates it’s community to uphold standards for the children it delivers life changing educational experiences to. As a school they stand to achieve equal educational opportunities for young learners and aid the communities to be supported environments to live in. They do this by making their schools a more understanding, welcoming and resourceful place for the wide variety of backgrounds that enter their doors. The community comes together to upholds these ideals and advocate for children’s education to be a carful system upholding a personal touch to every students needs.

Rocketship believes that excellent teachers create transformational environments for students. By investing in comprehensive teacher training, Rocketship ensures they positively impact student lives. To empower students, diverse teachers with shining attitudes are hand selected by administration and parents to build strong team relationship with student families. In building this community network, Rocketship Education hopes to build more demand for equity in public school education to insure the integration of a diverse student body. They believe that inclusion of all students sets high standards for their staff and student body to take an empathetic approach to learning. This builds character in everyone to learn to co-operate with each other. Rocketship Education’s meaningful-inclusion model recognizes that students with behavioral challenges, disabilities, or language barriers help define their values, and purpose of a school community. In an environment that is always seeking to grow, staff and students are empowered to face challenges with confidence together.

Impressionable facts about USHEALTH Group Inc

USHEALTH Group has eased the way of life of a vast number of individuals through their broad range of health insurance services. The firm entails a large group of companies that mostly specializes in offering health coverage and insurance services to both employed individuals as well as business owners.

The company has grown tremendously over the past years and through their services, they have helped a significant number of people save money as they can now access medical services despite their initial financial status at the time of their illness.

Bloomberg revealed that at the USHEALTH Group Insurance, one can acquire easy access to a unique portfolio and strategic plan to help people make an informed decision on the best way to keep saving and take care of their future health.

The firm not only guides people on the best ways to secure their lifetime health but also offers their customers with a step to step follow up on the best ways to spend their cash without necessarily denying themselves their basic needs.

The excellent services that US HEALTH Group Inc offers are ever secure and accessible to their customers anytime that they need them. The firm has an immense dedication towards providing a quick response to their clients’ needs as well as claims, and their great team of employees provides a fast processing of one’s documents whenever they require the services of the insurance.

By securing one’s health as well as that of your family at USHEALTH Group, one is assured of a safe and convenient way to take care of their loved ones.

The products of the company are usually of high quality, and due to their excellent customer services as well as consideration, the firm has received a lot of accreditation and awards.

The firm received the Stevie Bronze award for the most innovative company of the year in 2015, and apart from it, USHEALTH Group has received a series of awards over the past years. The firm has earned an excellent reputation from a vast number of people as well as other organizations for its exceptional services to its esteemed customers.

Groupon Cofounder’s New Healthcare Startup Raises $70 Million In Latest Funding Round

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a United States-based serial entrepreneur who has made millions solving people’s problems in the world of business. His main way of making money has been becoming part of the solution to business problems facing his clients across the United States. Eric Paul Lefkofsky is also the CEOP and Co-Founder of the Tempus Company based in Chicago. Tempus is a company that was developed to save the lives of many cancer patients across the world. Eric Lefkofsky is also the CEO and Founder of Groupon Company based in the United States.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Echo Logistics Company. Echo Logistics Company is based in the United States with a wide range of network offices in more than 20 countries in the world. The company solves a wide range of logistics problems facing most of their clients in the industry. Eric Paul Lefkofsky also founded Interworks Company that helped raise millions of dollars for his other startups in the world of business. V is also the CEO and Founder of the Medicean Company based in the United States. His latest venture is the Lightbank based in Chicago that strives to invest money for his clients.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an American billionaire who has amassed a great amount of his money by becoming the money-saving option for the restaurants and travel options when it comes to Groupon Company. For more than two decades of professional experience in business, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has helped his clients have money through better business solutions. While he does that, he has decided to go further and try saving their lives with the Tempus Company based in the United States. Tempus Company works by solving one of the greatest fears people have in their lives. Cancer is a killer disease. Eric Paul Lefkofsky developed the company as a means of working towards saving his wife’s life who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Chicago-based Tempus Company has announced that it has raised more than $70 million for its growth. Eric Paul Lefkofsky also said that he is willing to invest more than $100 million in the company.


George Soros Self-Created Business Person

George Soros is one of the premier examples of the person of business who utilize philanthropy by creating wealth from society and then giving a portion of it back in the form of charitable giving. His philanthropy has gifted over $12 billion to social causes to date, according to Open Society and read full article.

George Soros, the Formative Years

Soros, born in 1930, came of age in Hungary, where he experienced first-hand the country’s occupation by Nazi forces in 1944–1945, an occupation which, tragically, saw the murder of over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. The family of George Soros survived the carnage through concealing their ethnic identity and acquiring false papers and thus were able to make their escape, helping others in the process to also escape and learn more about George Soros.

An Educational Experience

According to Forbes Magazine, Soronos began his ascent up the economic ladder by attending the London School of Economics, which he acquired the financing for by laboring as a porter in a railway and also as a server in a dining establishment. He then began his life’s work in finance by finding employment in a merchant bank and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

The Quantum Fund

His next move up the ladder of finance was moving to New York City in 1956 and working on Wall Street. In 1969 George Soros established a hedge fund of his own, with a starting capital of 12 million dollars. As time went on, this fund became renamed the Quantum Fund and Follow his

The Beginning of the History of Soro’s Philanthropy

According to Open Society, Soros Began his history of giving in 1979. He also opened, after the Berlin Wall came down, “the Central European University as a space to foster critical thinking.”

The Man Who Broke the Bank of England

In 1992, along with Stan Druckenmiller, he was able to short the British pound. His profits, along with Druckenmiller’s were extensive. So much so, that he acquired the handle and reputation “as the man who broke the Bank of England,” according to Forbes Magazine. To this very day, Soros remains a heavy investor and powerhouse in the world of finance and more information click here.

The Dawning of Dawn Fitzpatrick

Soros recruited Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2017 to run the investment portfolio of his company as chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management.

This History Of Soro’s Philanthropy Continues to This Day

George Soros continues to donate generously to individuals and groups who share his vision, and as one of the wealthiest individual on the planet, he has many resources to fund causes and groups, and he continues to make a difference in the world.

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Cassio Audi Is Multitalented

Cassio Audi has over 23 years of experience of doing Investment Management in Brazil. He has the expertise as he has worked in national as well as multinational firms. He has displayed exemplary management skills. These are in the fields of financial planning, and project management, besides the managing of equities, and team leadership, besides strategic forecasting, as well as investor relations. He has always held senior positions including that of a managing director.

Cassio Audi has a B.A. degree in Business Administration. This is from the Pontifical Catholic University. He has done his MBA from the Sao Paulo University. Cassio Audi has worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc. In addition, he has worked for multinationals such as JP Morgan Chase, besides Rossi Residencial, as well as Dow Chemical along with GVMI.

As an investment manager, Cassio Audi knew that his job was to teach those who have money, about how to invest. In case this is not done, they can become the victims of all kinds of fraudulent schemes that can make them lose their capital too. These investors can either be corporations, or institutions like pension funds. This can include insurance companies, besides charities, and all kinds of educational establishments along with private investors.

The economic slowdown in the world due to the financial crisis led to an economic downturn in Brazil too. This was when Cassio Audi decided to provide professional advice as an investment manager, on the steps to grow the economy.

Any investment manager would be funding in portfolios of various securities for their clients. The objective of all these investments will be defined by the clients. This was where Cassio Audi creates different securities for his clients. These are in the form of bonds, shares, as well as real estate. Cassio Audi has experience of working with public and private companies.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Greg Secker; CEO to Greg Secker Foundation

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade, Smartcharts Software and Capital Index. Secker was born in Norfolk in England. He went on to study at the University of Nottingham and attained a degree in Agricultural and food sciences. In his early career life, Secker served as a mere trading technologist in Thomas Cook Financial Services. His interest in philosophy made him start The Greg Secker Foundation that aimed at uplifting the way of people’s lives all over the world. The foundation has extended its wings to partner with other youths to provide education and life skills. Greg has grown to be a well renowned financial guru while still in his twenties. He has been a success in the interparental sector making him a worthy mentor to many young amateur entrepreneurs all across Europe.

Over time, Greg has grown to run one of the most profitable firms that have been key to making young youths in the streets earn financial freedom. Greg has a vast knowledge in foreign exchange and international education of financial trading. Throughout his career, he has been widely recognized for his enthusiasm in exploiting new adventures. His “why not” philosophy has been popular on the lips of many. Greg Secker believes that it is always better to give an idea a try and solve its shortcomings while on it already. Greg is an interactive individual who has been hosted in multiple interview shows.

The latest was the one by CEOCFO magazine. In this interview, Greg speaks of what lured him into the forex market. His experience in coding made him aware of the huge profits made in the virtual trade desk which he was a part of. This made him take a loan that served him as capital to his venture. By the end of the year, Greg had already made a worthy profit. Greg also cited the current objectives of The Greg Secker Foundation. The foundation current prime focus is to help rebuild a community in the Philippines that was interfered with by the Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. However, in this quest, the foundation is not only building Typhoon proof houses, it providing free electricity through wind turbines, supporting their farming and providing security.

The Brown Agency is Always Taking Applicants for Bookings

Modeling agencies are everywhere. At any moment during the day, another one can open and begin business. Some agencies, however, are a cut above the rest. Those are the ones that grow careers in modeling and make the industry fabulous. The Brown Agency, out of Austin, Texas is one of those.


Opened back in 2015, during the summer, the Brown Modeling Agency began promoting some of the top Texas models. Considering how they grew as fast as they did, it was little wonder how they ended up becoming so big.



The attitude that the modeling agency has goes a long way. Brown’s Modeling Agency is based on the simple idea that the company is only as good as the people that work for it. Meaning, the company revolves around their models instead of the other way around. Taking pride in what they do is the first step to building an empire in the industry.


For anyone considering a modeling career in the Austin area, this is the place to begin. Brown has some basic questions to consider before a model applies. According to, they are based on identifying the potential model’s ability and interest area.


  1. The model should ask themselves what their body type is. Anyone can be a model if they are in fit shape. Even plus size models exist.
  2. Does the body type match the category of modeling that is desired? If not, then make the change to the correct category.
  3. Can you sparkle? This is an odd question for some. It’s important though. Some people can make their face glow when they smile. If the model is considering being a model that includes the face, then this part is essential. While high fashion models don’t really smile, most models will need to have that ability to sparkle.


Model Categories:


– High Fashion

– Print Modeling

– Commercial Modeling

– Plus Size


While those are the current categories that the Brown Modeling Agency is hiring for, there are always other categories that change over time. All applicants must go through a process to help them discover if they are a match for the agency. If they are, then the process goes to the next level of the applicant process. While it can be tedious to go through all of the steps, it really is best for the correct selection of people for the agency.


The Brown Modeling Agency is located at 100 Congress Ave #2000 in Austin, TX 78701. Their phone number is 512-370-4959. Applicants can email the agency at [email protected] for the Austin, Texas location. All applicants are considered regardless of their race, color or age. The agency serves many functions within media, and can often find a booking for a model.