The Success Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

The year 2008 would mark a new beginning for the cosmetic industry. Until this point in time, there weren’t any new buzz amongst the field of prominent cosmetic competitors. The industry seemed to have hit a snag along the way, but 2008 was would be the awakening of a brand new beauty line. Lime Crime is the name, providing high quality products with dazzling shine is the game. After its initial start as an Ebay business, Lime Crime jumped out on the scene and displayed many new characteristics that the competitors weren’t offering. As of today, it’s one of the most successful beauty lines on the market and this is why.

This brand offers some of the most exclusive colors that can’t be found from other brands. Not only are the lipsticks dazzling in appearance, they’re 100 percent animal cruelty-free as well as vegan-free. These exclusive lipsticks give the user a liquid-matte finish on contact. They’re also easy to use and are durable. Founder Doe Deere had produced a winner and the huge recognition was a testament to its success. Deere had tapped into an untapped market, and she has progressively exploited it with the creation of Lime Crime. Consumers can now experiment with colors such as Salem, Wicked, Utopia, Black Velvet, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Cupid, Faded, Beef It, Shroom and many more.

The newest addition to this eclectic brand is known as Scandal, and it’s turning the game upside down. Since its release, it has garnered more than 2.6 million Pinterest followers. No other brand is producing such high figures in such a short period of time. The deep plum color of Scandal is electrifying thanks to its smooth finish. It gives the user a bit of attitude, and edge as it oozes sex appeal. Scandal is by far the most sought after lipstick of today, and it’s setting new trends along the way. If you want to step your beauty game up, Lime Crime is the brand of choice and Scandal’s a proven weapon for making it happen.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice on Investing in Brazil

Brazil has the eighth largest economy in the world, but recent economic issues that caused the country’s average annual GDP growth rate to drop below 2% has disappointed investors. Despite some economic setbacks, the country is rich in natural resources, is competitive in agriculture production, and it is one of the top food suppliers in the world. In addition to this, Brazil has a population of over 200 million people with a growing middle-class, so the country is poised for strong economic growth.

Brazilian banker and investment expert Igor Cornelsen has three important tips for those who are considering investing in Brazil. His first tip is for investors to connect with the Brazilian people through networking and building relationships. Brazilians like to socialize, and they are willing to give advice to those who are looking to do business in the country. 25% of Brazilians between 18 and 64 years of age are entrepreneurs, so making business connections shouldn’t be difficult.

Next, Igor Cornelsen advises investors to be prepared for Brazilian regulations. Brazil has a large government bureaucracy, high taxes, and complex regulations. He says it’s important for investors to understand these regulations so that they can make informed decisions. It is possible to financially succeed in Brazil if investors understand the regulations they are up against.

Igor Cornelsen’s final piece of advice to investors is they will have to understand Brazil’s foreign currency restrictions. This is important for the non-resident investor because they will have to find a bank that is authorized to work with non-resident investors. Investors also should make sure they are using the right currency rate for the right transaction.

NuoDB SQL Proving Productivity for Companies

NuoDB, an elastic SQL database specific for cloud applications was founded in 2008 under NimbusDB. The company was co-founded by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its services are used by various systems like Alfa systems, Kodiak, Dassault Systemes and UAE Exchange.NuoDB database is Structured Query Language (SQL) compliant executing SQL statements against a database.
NuoDB hasa distributed object architecture working in cloud therefore when a new server is introduced to scale-out the cloud database it runs faster. For prevention of bottlenecks of data, the database supplies tasks amongst several processors, and also it scales out without sharding.
The database uses a tiered approach which includes redundant tiers of storage managers(SM) and transaction engines(TE)which can run on the same platform. The tiered approach helps scale the data in the cloud predictably. NuoDB is unique in that instead of replacing hardware it can expand its databases by adding more servers. The system can process over 1 million transactions in a second.
In 2013, NuoDB was listed by Gartner as a niche player for Operational Database Management in its magic quadrant. NuoDB SQL provides clients with flexible, data durability, transactional consistency, continuous availability and elastic scalability.

How Consumer Reviews have Influenced the Growth of Fabletics

The purchases that are made by consumers are greatly affected by the power of the crowd. In the current market, most people look at the crowd-sourced reviews to know the products that they purchase. Customers trust the reviews that they read just like personal recommendations that they get from people that they know. Informed brands are currently capitalizing on the new consumer behavior and have based their marketing strategies on reviews. Fabletics is one of the firms that utilize this tactic. The company was established in 2013, and it has had a 200 percent growth. It has over one million subscribers, and its annual revenue is about $235 million. Techstyle Fashion Group’s corporate marketing officer, Shawn Gold, believes that the success of the company can be attributed to its user reviews.


Fabletics has managed to leverage the importance of having excellent reviews to facilitate its growth. It understands that consumer reviews have a direct impact on customer acquisition, clients’ retention, and loyalty. Most people currently leave digital lives, and therefore, online reviews significantly influence an individual’s decision. Customers research about a business before they decide to buy its products. According to a study that was conducted by BrightLocal, 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews just like personal recommendations that they get from friends and relatives. People do not trust the traditional advertising and marketing, and they instead believe in the feedback and opinion of the crowd.


According to a research firm that is known as L2, 76 percent of leading consumer brands feature customer reviews on their websites to improve purchases. Sites that have user reviews have experienced rapid growth in their businesses. Vibes recently conducted a holiday shopping study that showed only 33 percent of store mobile searches were done to compare the price of products. About 65 percent of the searches were to view consumer reviews and various information about a product. Clients also value reviews about the pricing of a product.


Businesses that have genuine reviews are likely to grow their bottom lines. They have high chances of enhancing search rankings, attracting more clients, and therefore, generating more income. Companies that have strategies that involve reviews are likely to have strong customer loyalty, and the many return customers. Positive reviews enable a brand to appear in the top search results on Google. Review websites such as Trustpilot have partnered with Google to assist businesses in bettering their Google Seller Ratings. Research indicates that online advertisements that have Google Seller Ratings get 17 percent higher CTR compared to similar ones that are not rated.


A survey that was done by BrightLocal showed that 74 percent of consumers would proceed to purchase a product after viewing positive reviews about it. According to Fabletics and TechStyle, crowdsourcing has significantly influenced the growth of their brands since it facilitates transparency. The companies are determined to offer products that match the needs of clients by using empathy and data that they receive. All the steps that Fabletics takes are influenced by the opinions of the customers.

David Giertz Knows Why Most Financial Advisors Avoid The Topic; Social Securities

According to the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors, financial advisors are tasked with the responsibility of talking to their clients about matters that pertain to social security. For financial advisors, talking to their customers on issues social security should suffice as a no-brainer but sadly not all of them are doing it.

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz revealed that the report from a recent survey that was conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, a rather interesting finding was made. NFRI interviewed consumers and those individuals who are ten years from retirement and discovered that most financial advisers do not talk to the clients on social security. According to David Giertz, talking to clients about social security should pass as the primary role of any financial adviser. The research also established that 4 out of 5 Americans would change their financial advisers if they were not having the social security discussion with them.

One of the reasons as to why most financial experts would avoid the topic of social security whenever they are advising their customers is because of the compound nature of the problem. The issue of social security is broad and requires a lot of time to cover it. David Giertz opines that financial advisers need to take a keen interest in social security because without covering this subject, clients can move on to another expert, which will result in loss of income for the professionals.

David Giertz is one of the most seasoned financial experts at the Nationwide Financial Distribution. At NFD, David Giertz holds the post of Senior Vice President. Mr. Giertz also holds the position of President to Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc, a post he has held since the year 2013. David also holds executive positions in other firms which are under the Nationwide brand.

James Dondero Managing Talent and Supporting Future

Executives with experience and excellent leadership skills are becoming better known for people who are interested in business. James Dondero in one of them. His experience spans over three decades, and it doesn’t show signs for stopping anytime soon. His company, Highland Capital Management works with retail and institutional investments, providing them with solutions to help their business revenue go up.

The company has around 14 billion dollars in assets ad has several major affiliates, including Acis Capital Management and NextPoint Capital. The industry professionals often recognise the work Highland does.

James Dondero started his career as a mere analyst in the eighties. Morgan Guaranty training program took him on as a student because they saw his potential. He also graduated from the University of Virginia where he attended the McIntire School of Commerce. His ability to major in finance and accounting also helped later in his professional life.

James Dondero received some of the best education in his field. He values the learning process and hopes to inspire other people to follow in his footsteps. Long gone are the days when accounting and finance were annoying. Young people find it more exciting and stable as a career choice. James Dondero is inspiring people with his work and his leadership.

He is also passionate about philanthropy. He wants to enrich lives of the people in different communities in Dallas. Dondero and Highland Capital Management work with various non-profit organisations within the area. The list of partnerships is growing, and Dondero takes pride in creating personal relationships with these agencies.

They are donating money to Dallas Zoo for their new Hippo Hut so Hippos could return to Dallas Zoo for the joy of visitors and conservation purposes as well. Dallas Zoo’s new Hippo Hut will allow these majestic animals to come back after several decades of their absence. The previous dwelling simply was not suitable anymore and needed renovation.

James Dondero also works with the Perot Museum of Natural Science to introduce children to sciences and maths via the advancements in technology. He promotes public schools that are proving their excellence on academic scores.

James Bopp And The Growth Of End Citizens United

In 2008 when the silver haired lawyer, James Bopp, attended a court hearing in Washington, D.C., to argue for his political group, Citizens United. Bopp was on Capitol Hill to argue to the judges that Citizens United should be able to show a film, called Hillary the Movie, concerning Hillary Clinton on television. The film offers the proposition that Hillary Clinton was a Euro styled socialist and a devious political manipulator and that she was even involved, interestingly, in a assassination attempt on, of all things, a cat.

Mr. Bopp was laughed out of the room and, needless to say, his motion was denied; Citizens United would not be able to air the film during the election cycle as it constituted an “ad campaign.” However, Bopp, not his associates at Citizens United, was not one to be deterred and continued fighting on the issue. Only two years later the courts completely overturned their previous decision and allowed Citizens United to air the film. The decision was a momentous one that completely reversed over a century of legal precedent regarding First Amendment rights and campaign finance. Spending was now legal considered “speech.”

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Bopp was quite obviously overjoyed, however, many were not. Foremost among the displeased was Citizens United’s arch nemesis, the aptly named, End Citizens United. The organizations goal is all in the name. End Citizens United is, like Citizens United, a non-profit political action committee formed for the express purpose of overturning any decisions which allow “big money” to flow into Washington.

But unlike many other similar groups ECU has been extremely successful thus far and has been able to raise a considerable sum of money from grassroots donors to further their political aims and combat individuals such as Mr. Bopp. As of 2017 they have already collected well over four million dollars from their fund raising campaigns and that kind of money is only expected to increase. Analysts for the organization predict that if their donations continue at similar and stable rates then they will be looking at collecting around $ 35 million by the time the next mid-term elections swing around in 2018! That certainly is not a sum to chuckle at. With it End Citizens United looks to put an end to big money and big business in the capital once and for all by fielding sympathetic candidates for various offices around the country. Only time will tell whether or not their efforts will bring success in their arduous battle against Bopp and Citizens United.

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Retired Professor Gives $1 Million to Orange Coast College’s Planetarium

Mary McChesney spent more than 30 years teaching English and Spanish at Orange Coast College, and since her retirement in 1983 she’s continued to be part of the college’s growth. So it may come as no surprise that McChesney chose to demonstrate her appreciation for the college as an institution with a donation towards a new planetarium, but few expected such generosity.

The 91-year-old retires professor has said that the construction of a new planetarium is way to encourage students at the college and people in the community to have a greater appreciation for astronomy and learning in general.

It’s Orange Coast College’s commitment to being a community institution of education that encouraged McChesney to donate $1 million towards the construction of the planetarium. Her donation will go towards the completion of a Foucault pendulum, allowing the planetarium to accurately simulate the Earth’s rotation.

The donation, McChesney said, comes not just from her but from her late partner and fellow professor Adelyn Bonin, who taught German at Orange Coast College before retiring in 1983 along with McChesney.

While the dollar amount of this donation has urged many to point out the immense outpouring of support from McChesny, people like Doug Bennett wasn’t surprised she came to help out the college.

As Executive Director of the Orange Coast College Foundation, has stated that McChesney has spent her three decades of retirement involved with the foundation, particularly in the distribution of scholarship to prospective students. That McChesney chose to donate so much towards the planetarium is just a continuation of her commitment to higher education.

The old planetarium, which could only accommodate 35 attendants at a time, will be replaced by a 129-seat auditorium that is expected to open its doors in fall of 2018. This will include scheduling to welcome students (k-12) and members of the community in addition to those at the college.

About Orange Coast College:

Orange Coast College (OCC) has provided higher education opportunities to members of the Orange County community of Costa Mesa sine 1947. With over 25,000 students in attendance each semester, OCC offers more than 135 academic programs and career concentrations for them to pursue.

With a robust offering of educational programs, Orange Coast College continues to rank first in Orange County for the thousands of students that leave their community college to continue their education in University of California and California State University institutions across the state.

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Greg Secker – Founder, Greg Secker Foundation

Greg Secker is a United States-based serial entrepreneur in a wide range of sectors. He is also a master trader, an international speaker, and a philanthropist. However, his role as a father of three has been his most sophisticated duty in life. In 2003, Greg Secker founded the Knowledge Action Group that gathers several companies including the Greg Secker Foundation, the Capital Index, the Learn to Trade Company, and the Smart Chart Software Company based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience, Greg Secker has worked hard to develop facilitated business capabilities that remain unmatched in this industry. All these companies have come together to have people get more education on how to trade for profit in this era of modernization.

Greg Secker comes from a humble background and roots. He commenced his education as a financial service agent at a local New York Company. During that time, he had limited knowledge and education to secure fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. Before moving to the foreign exchange company, he commenced his education as a way of facilitating better business deals. His process in the world of finance has assisted him to get better business through institutions of higher learning.

Greg Secker is also the Founder of the Thomas Cook Foundation that is aimed at teaching students how to trade in real time. This company also teaches them to trade with foreign exchange that goes by the name virtual foreign desk. This is the first platform of its kind to offer the forex trading system online. For this reason, it was adopted on a massive scale by those who knew their value. This is the trade that allows its students to secure money from transactions using the real-time trait.

After that collocation, he was appointed as the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation in the United States. This is one of the Fortune 500 corporations that survived the 2008 financial crisis. This is the position that opened his mind to grow in all aspects of his life. This is the reason why his knowledge expanded exponentially.


Alexandre Gama: Hiring A Marketing Or Advertising Professional

Are you a business owner or company executive in charge of marketing or promotions? Do you want to hire the right marketing or advertising consultant for your project? If you’re looking for a reliable professional to handle your advertising or marketing in Brazil, check out Alexandre Gama.

Although there are many firms in Brazil that handle business promotions or marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and organizations not all of them render the same level of service. It is extremely important to go with a firm or professional who has the skills and resources to get you outstanding results.

Alexandre Gama is a leader in business promotions and advertising and he has a proven track record. Alexandre Gama has clients from many different industries and is well equipped to cater to any type of organization or enterprise.

Need to get your business noticed in Brazil, then get in touch with Alexandre Gama right away. Alexandre Gama has the skills and experience to present your brand or company in a positive light and maximize your exposure. He has top resources and a great team of experts that will take your advertising and promotions to the next level.

Maybe you have heard about his reputation in the industry and want to find out what he can do for you. The first step is to schedule a consultation with him so he can get a good understanding about your business and products. He will decide how your product or business should be marketed or promoted to your target audience.

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