Talos Energy & Their Mission

Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is a public company that produces oil and gas. This company has been around for quite some time and just recently, it closed a big deal with another big company. Talos Energy has been ran by its executive director who is Tim Duncan. He is the president as well as the executive director of company and he has been able to get this company to reach a high level of success.

Talos Energy was founded several years ago and its mission was to be able to provide attention and to focus on the gulf. This is the place that needed it the most. The Gulf of Mexico needed investments to be done as well as business projects to start rising in the area. This company has been working with over companies through out the years to be able to reach its goal and be able to help the gulf recover from the damage that it has suffered.

Talos Energy just sealed a big deal with Stone Energy. To sum up the deal, both companies agreed to work together to create more efficiency. They decided to focus more on the energy production on U.S & Mexico side of The Gulf of Mexico. They are both willing to come together and put in the work to increase the oil and gas production in this area.

Since in the past, Talos Energy has not had much success working with other companies, they are looking forward to being able to work with Stone Energy to be able to be more productive and efficient in their work. These two companies are managed by great business leaders who who have the necessary knowledge and experience to grow together and help the gulf get back on track to success in the near future.

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Dr. Saad Saad: The Caring, Innovative and Creative Retired Physician Who Goes Beyond Practice

Dr. Saad Saad is a known pediatric surgeon, and his good reputation may have been because of his particularly helpful set of surgery protocols. For starters, Dr. Saad always checks the patient’s Medical Record and urges student physicians to do so, too. It is also important for him to check what kind of surgical procedure that he has to do in order for a better surgical sequence. He is also most often successful in his surgeries because he always double checks and reviews the procedures he gets, especially if they come from a pediatric surgical textbook.



Some of the other personal tips that Dr. Saad also shares to his students include following a strict set of rules. It is his primary role during surgery to not engage in personal talk. There’s also no loud music allowed during a procedure, and most of all, he has to get a good night sleep and good breakfast before any surgery. Such simple tips may appear easy to do, but they’re no less important. They are essentials in making sure that the surgeries are always successful.



Other than these personal tips, it may be useful for any starting doctor to learn more of the complete experience of Dr. Saad in his years of practice. Dr. Saad is now retired, but his years in practice have given him a lot of experience to teach to all the upcoming students of medicine. An important philosophical lesson that he wants to share students is the idea that they should not think that dreams are impossible. If a poor Palestinian kid and refugee like him can make it in the field of medicine in America, nothing should make other students think that they couldn’t do it.



Another inspiring thing about Dr. Saad is his assortment of creative innovation for medical procedures. He has patented inventions under his name today that make him one of the most inspiring innovating doctors in the country. With his inventions, doctors are now able to prevent costly complications that would put the patients’ life at risk. Some of these inventions include a catheter that no longer requires X-rays and an endoscope contraption that can save up a surgeon’s operation time.



What the inventions do to the lives of doctors today is that they can perform faster surgeries and they can prevent unnecessary interventions that may do more damage than harm. For example, the endoscope that Dr. Saad invented contains a self-contained suction that can clear fluid from the endoscope and give the surgeon a better view. All these improvements in the traditional method spell a lot of value for the doctors. Such risk-taking and creative innovation makes Dr. Saad one of the special physicians today who just go beyond mere medical practice. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12



Career and Success of OSI Group CEO, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, one of the largest meat companies and food companies in the world. He had also been appointed the president of OSI International Foods where he has diligently served as a good leader. Sheldon Lavin’s contributions and commitments have enable OSI Group to witness significant growth in revenue and popularity. With several awards, it is evident that the company’s achievements and success are owed to him.

Career at OSI Group

Sheldon first arrived at OSI Group in 1970 where it was recognized as OSI Industries LLC, owned by Otto & Sons. Because of his commitment, he became an active member of the company in 1975 when OSI Group was expanding its territories to new markets. Sheldon was later selected as a partner of the company together with the two sons of Otto. Sheldon got motivated by the organizational culture of the company as well as its business strategies thereby becoming a full-time worker. Together with the company staff, Sheldon saw OSI Group expand markets in different countries including Taiwan and South America. In the late 1990s, the company had already reached Australia, Japan, and South America.

Success at OSI Group

Since Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group, he has fostered success and growth which is evident from the company’s ranking in the industry. After he became the CEO and Chairman of the company, he has won several awards. Perhaps the most memorable is the Global Visionary Award which was awarded by the Vision World Academy due to his great work and efforts to transform the foods industry. Sheldon Lavin has also managed to create employment opportunities for thousands of people. Currently, the company has 20,000 employees distributed in 60 different countries. Again, the staff turnover is very minimal which proves that Sheldon has incorporated a family-oriented culture that promotes loyalty. Furthermore, the exemplary leader had engaged in the purchase of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Through these two acquisitions, the company has gained a huge market share in the food and meat processing market.

More about Sheldon Lavin

Apart from his leadership skills, Sheldon is a philanthropist who has made a lot of contributions in the society. He has provided charities to organizations such as the United Negra College Fund, Jewish United Fund, and Chicago Boys and Girls Club. Sheldon remains a role model to many entrepreneurs and businesses.

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He Young Milan Kordestani Shows a New Way to Do Business with Purely Organic Company Milan Farms

Miilan Kordestani, the CEO and founder of Milan Farms, was born in Stanford, California in 2000. Of course the most surprising part about this statement is that he is fresh out of high school and actually founded the company before he even graduated high school. The primary selling point from Milan Farms is his organic system that he uses to raise poultry as well organically growing 100% pure saffron.

His prestigious position at Milan Farms isn’t the only thing he does though, he is also a writer for Huffington Post and an accomplished equestrian. His title of being such an esteemed rider comes from being ranked 3rd in the Worlds Championship 17 as well as the Under Park Division in 2015, he also ranked 2nd at the Worlds Championship in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure category in 2016. Going back to his position at Huffington Post, he writes articles about agriculture, mental health, and politics; he is also a published author.

Milan Farms, again, strives to raise poultry in a humane fashion with only organic products. All of the eggs from his company come from grass fed, free ranging chickens. Their diet also includes bugs and nutrients and organic vegetables without the chickens eating any corn feed or soy. The company also states that it isn’t only the feed that is completely organic, as the wooden coops that the chicken live in and the cartons that the eggs are sold in are organic as well, showing that Milan Farm’s idea of organic is a step above even other eco-friendly companies and farms.

Other products that are sold include saffron and other herbs. With the saffron, only the brightest portion of the plant is used to ensure a product with perfect quality after each and every harvest. The cultivation of the product is based off of a 3500 year old tradition that is focused on preventing loss of quality. Herbs other then saffron from the farm are grown in very modern means with a soil that has Bluetooth sensors that precisely measure the parameters of growing conditions. These products are also of course, organic, non GMO, and pesticide-free.

Eric Lefkofsky Leading The Way In Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus Unicorn Funding has recently received 80 million dollars in funding for his company to continue and accelerate the research for battling cancer. It is a testament to his hard work in the field of cancer research as well as a mandate to use all of his energies to administrate his team of professionals dedicated to the same cause.

Although the investors have entrusted this very large amount into the hands of Eric Lefkofsky, he was determined to provide whatever means necessary allowing his dream of collecting data research to battle cancer continue. Researching cancer can be frustrating due to some studies that are overtaken by the disease. But that never let Eric Lefkofsky stop in his quest to chip away and find answers to the many questions of cancer patients about the disease.

Eric Lefkofsky has always let the dream be his guide. He has definitely stayed the course and not been swayed by the many obstacles that come along with running large companies. He has stayed focused and true to the call of battling cancer in the face of other pressing medical epidemics that would need the same time and data research. Eric Lefkofsky decided to be skillful in his priority of data research in the area of cancer. And we have watched him become masterful in assisting the scientists, physicians and medical community with his ground-breaking result from his data.

It has taken years for some of the data to be collected and Eric Lefkofsky was always willing to keep the time allotted for his case studies. He always went by the book and didn’t let time or the ambitions of others around him to hurry him. Now all of his patience is yielding the best results that doctors can use to help their patients in battling the deadly disease of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky does have a kind demeanor and is a pleasure to work with. He actually has a reputation for being one of the good guys. And one good guy has lead the charge in fighting cancer, Eric Lefkofsky.

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David McDonald- the OSI Group President Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills that Have Led OSI Group to Success

Excellent leadership skills play a significant role in propelling an organization towards success. One leader who has displayed exemplary leadership skills is David McDonald who currently serves as the OSI Group president. Hailing from Iowa, Mr. McDonald undertook an undergraduate degree in Animal Science. After some time, he served as the chairman of the North American Institute. Afterward, Mr. McDonald also got an opportunity to serve as the project manager at OSI Group.

Background Data

David McDonald always had the ambition to achieve a lot throughout his lifetime. With that said, as the current president of OSI Group, Mr. McDonald had to work had to be granted such a position at OSI Group. His hard work over the years has been paying off, and as the president of OSI Group, Mr. McDonald has been able to propel the company towards success through the formulation of appropriate strategies. By paying close attention to the logistics team, Mr. McDonald has been able to ensure that OSI Group is at par with the dynamic market trends globally. Furthermore, by working together with the local marketers, Mr. McDonald has been able to ensure that customer satisfaction has been met all at times.

The Acquisition of Baho Foods

Over the years, OSI Group has been able to expand their market presence on a global scale. However, venturing into various countries never counts much. What matters most is whether the company can gain recognition in the different countries they have established their branches. For instance, to strengthen their presence in Europe, David McDonald saw it fit to acquire Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a food retailer based in Europe, and the company has been able to capture the attention of a considerable population in Europe. As a result, by acquiring Baho Foods, Mr. McDonald is sure that OSI Group will be able to strengthen their presence in Europe.

Additional Information

As for David McDonald, he joined OSI Group as a mere project manager of OSI Group. However, as a man filled with ambition, he had to work his way up the ladder. To do so, he had to formulate on how he would gain promotions from one rank to the other. Due to his passion for business, as well as agriculture, and biology, Mr. McDonald knew that OSI Group was a perfect fit for him since he could enact on his passion while serving at the company. So far, Mr. McDonald has been serving at the company for over 30 years, and he currently serves as the president of OSI Group.

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A Look At The Life Of One Of Fortress’s A-List Principals, Peter Briger

Peter Briger, two simple, ordinary names yet powerful as they are a tag of someone who is not only wealthy but highly successful and one who commands a lot of respect in the finance arena. For those who don’t know him, Peter Briger is one of Fortress Investments group principals and a highly influential figure not only in finance but in the entire business world. Peter joined the company in 2002 after working with Goldman Sachs for fifteen years. Ever since he first stepped into business, Peter Briger has been achieving milestone after milestone and his transition to Fortress investments has been nothing but a blessing for the renowned asset management company.

Career growth

Nevertheless, Peter’s success does not come as a surprise because looking at his career journey, it is easy to see that his stars were always lined up for success not because he comes from a rich background but thanks to his determination and commitment. Mr. Briger first had his business encounter while at Princeton University where he emerged with a BA and also at the University of Penn where he was pursuing his MD in business administration. He later got intimately involved with the finance sector when he joined Goldman Sachs.

While here, Peter Briger served various positions a factor which helped him in finessing his skills at asset management, distressed debts and investing in liquid assets. When he got an opportunity to join Fortress Investments, he did so at the drop of the hat and his success today is sufficient proof that he made a wise decision. For instance, a few years after joining FIG, he helped the company expand their portfolio by $15 billion a factor that contributed to him being ranked 317 on Forbes list of the most influential and also richest self-made billionaires in the world. Today he focuses on Fortress’s credit fund and real estate side of business. His exceptional leadership skills and impeccable decision making has helped turn the company not only into a global conglomerate but a business for all seasons.

Charitable Peter

Aside from the success and his career, Peter Briger understands the essence of humanity and education which is why he still maintains close ties with the institutions he went to such as Princeton University. For instance, he has teamed up with two of his Princeton University classmates to help budding entrepreneurs smart their way up by offering them the financial assistance they need to make their dreams and imaginations a reality. He also sits as a board member for various charity organizations such as Silicon Valley which focuses on alleviating the impact of poverty across the world.

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Bob Reina; Embracing Talk Fusion to Make the World a Better Place

I Will” are the two daily words of the Brandon native from Florida, Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Simple as they may sound, these words are the driving forces behind his success and ambitions in both global business building and his charity work. To him, the two words are simple English terms and once their meanings are understood and put into action, then looking back is not an option. During his Talk Fusion team building, he was able to appreciate different people in terms of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. According to him, this defines a team which basically is a group of individuals with intentions of doing good stuff. Giving back is the backbone of Bob Reina’s most embraced culture in an attempt to inspire others and he does so with charity. He enjoys traveling all over the world and meeting new people and thereby encounters new life experiences.

Bob further describes charity as a method of helping the needy, and he feels blessed to have the resources for that. Charity, according to him, is an urgent matter because a needy person cannot be made to wait for any time period for a life change or to get help. Outside the boardroom, he gets the chance to learn and give back to those who need him. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bob-reina-talk-fusion-ceo-returns-as-guest-author-to-martech-advisor-300411047.html

Inspirationally, the Talk Fusion CEO encourages others by not only the “I Will” phrase but also how he carries himself around. He has a positive attitude and due to his forward-thinking manner of handling issues, he manages to balance his interests inside the boardroom and the philanthropy world. Clearly, his main interest is based on giving back which was the driving force behind his joining of the Talk Fusion business. Bob further states that providing help should come in handy with the business growth and not just improvement of the business. He differentiates profitability from success and for him, it entails more to the race than just finishing in that, bringing others alongside him enables a boost and a lift to all of them. Bob Reina therefore besides committing to business gains, also improves the well-being of the world as a whole.



Robert Deignan on Balancing Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness

How can you balance between entrepreneurship and constant creativity and still have a life outside of it all? From a distance, it seems quite a tumultuous task, difficult even, especially when if you are to choose such a rapidly changing industry as technology as your base. But entrepreneur Robert Deignan and his achievement with ATS brand among others prove that you too can attract success without losing yourself in the process. How did he make it?

Interests in technology

During his college years, in the early 1990s, Robert Deignan experienced firsthand the revolutionary effects technology could have in making life easy. Despite being a business student, the young scholar developed deep interests in technology and committed to venturing into the industry upon graduation. He was particularly passionate about exploring the challenges in every man’s day-to-day life and figuring out how he could use technology to address such issues.

Upon leaving school, Robert dedicated the first three years into learning everything he could about technology and how he could use it to address the customer care issues. This learning peaked with the of his first entrepreneurial project, Fanlink Inc. However, the digital company only served to introduce him to the larger world of technology as he would later land an executive vice-president’s post with iS3 Inc.

Shifting back to entrepreneurship

Robert Deigman commitment to entrepreneurship didn’t allow him to just view this new role like any other employee. He jumped on it and considered it a stepping stone to bigger goals. Het, therefore, committed to more exploring the technological industry further and soliciting for partnerships with like-minded individuals. And after close to two decades of serving in different software companies with the technology industry, Deignan left to start Advanced Tech Support (ATS) digital systems. The modern customer care service provision company has since gone on to become the first to achieve the AppSystem certification that qualifies its efficiency and the level of safety it accords its users.

Winning in personal life

The thirst for knowledge about the technology industry and hassles that come with managing a startup didn’t stop him from enjoying Life. Away from the business and technology world, Robert Deignan maintains an enjoyable life and even competes in the silver sailfish derby. And as his company was gaining recognition for its safety features, Robert was winning the 79th Silver Sailfish derby on the West Palm Beach. Robert Deignan’s life, therefore, goes a long way in proving that an entrepreneur can balance between success in innovativeness and business and success in personal life.


The Role David McDonald in Enhancing the Sustainability of OSI Group

In 1909, Otto & Sons began as small meat shop in Illinois, today the company is one of the biggest frozen food and meat distributors worldwide and also one of the largest private firms. The success of OSI is to a great extent due to the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. David is currently the COO and President of OSI Group. He believes that for the firm to ensure customer satisfaction, the company must be global-minded, but act local just like OSI’s dominant partner, McDonald’s.

David has been an integral part of OSI for over three decades. He and Sheldon the current CEO and chairman of OSI Group have been with the firm almost as long as the founders, sons of Otto Kolshowsky have. With Lavin at the wheel and McDonald by his side, the duo has managed to create OSI Group’s international empire. With more than 200,000 employees and 60 operational facilities in 17 countries, OSI is quickly scaling the ranks among the biggest private companies around the globe, taking the 58th position in 2016. The company’s revenue rose to 6.1 billion dollars in 2016 and extended its international operations considerably by merging and procuring Tyson Foods Chicago plant, Flagship Europe and Baho Foods located in the Netherlands.

David McDonald graduated in 1987 from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He joined OSI and quickly scaled the heights to COO and President. David believes that an international company cannot function on a single strategy, the reason why OSI Group has continually adjusted to its setting. In 2016, OSI purchased various large food and meat distributors in Europe, for instance, it bought Baho Foods, a Dutch food producer with five companies and runs in 18 European nations. This acquisition has kept the philosophy of David McDonald intact to maintain things local. According to David, the procurement of Baho Foods which has six decades of industry experience expanded the presence of OSI Group in Europe, significantly improving the range of products offered by the company.

By growing together with its partners such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and all its customers, OSI has managed to continually exceed expectations and offer the best services and products across the globe. This growth also involves enhancing its manufacturing capabilities and productive efficiency to increase production and reduce its environmental impact as well. In 2016, OSI Industries in the United Kingdom won itself the Globe of Honour award for the third time. This award is an outstanding UK prize for those firms who have exceptional environmental initiatives and practices.

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