OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions decided to double the production of Chicken from the initially produced 12,000 tons of chicken. Their Toledo, Spain facility is currently producing 24,000 tons. To incorporate such production, OSI Group added a new production line that costs 17 million euros. This new line is expected to double the number of output.

The grand expansion is believed to have an overall effect on the production of the company by producing a total of 45,000 poultry, beef, and pork food products. This compelled the firm to include a new production hall to support the high-capacity production of chicken. Moreover, OSI Food Solutions has established a new Kitchen that would be used to address the concerns of suppliers and clients as well as the development of products.

The decision to expand the Toledo facility was arrived due to the increase in demand for poultry products in Spain and Portugal. According to Spain’s Chief Operations Officer, José María del Río, the need for these products have been increasing by eight percent for the last three years. Thus, OSI decided to expand the firm by 22,000 square feet working area, and new facilities to support the massive production.

The double production of chicken is expected to raise the number of employees by 20. Previously, the firm had 140 employees who helped in chicken production. The new job postings will include the job position for production line manager and development manager. OSI Group hopes to hire qualified staff with knowledge in management and to improve the current products.

According to the President of the firm, David McDonald, the expansion of the Toledo facility will increase the overall performance of the company. This will increase the number of products in their portfolio. Moreover, it will play a significant role in job creation.

OSI Food Solutions Acquisitions

With reasons to expand and increase food production in North America, OSI Group acquired Tyson Food Company. This will ensure that the firm can meet the demand for food products across America.

OSI group have interests in expanding their foreign markets by purchasing the Baho Food. Additionally, they acquired Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group in 2016. They later renamed it Creative Foods Europe in 2018. OSI Group will continue to buy properties with the aim of expanding their operations so that they can meet the demand of their clients.

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