NuoDB SQL database technology

NuoDB SQL database technology was founded by Barry S. Morris, Jim Starkey, and Bob Walmsley who is the current CEO of the organization. It is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has been in existence for almost ten years. NuoDB is a company that revolves around databases and supporting them. NuoDB’s technologies are utilized by other companies such as Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and Dassault Systemes. The founders have received millions in capital for pursuing this business feat. NuoDB SQL database technology works through cloud applications and hosts servers within it’s programs. NuoDB allows for databases to run rapidly and with a smooth processing connection. It is different from many other databases in that it can hold an enormous amount of data. NuoDB is a unique supportive tool for having and storing information. NuoDB has connected donors and organizations through it’s creation of these technology platforms and has demonstrated their impact on the digital environment.