Newswatch TV: 30 Years of Reviews 30 Years Of Good News

Since 1990 one company has stood to give businesses the extra footing they need to make business ventures successful. In the last 20 years it has gotten significantly harder to get a product over with the general population due to an over exposure to products being sold by anyone and anybody. The internet has the given the free market both a curse and a blessing simultaneously. Products can be bought and sold with no middle man. However, this has allowed an overflooding within the market. With this over flooding it can be hard to get a product recognized and taken seriously by the masses. The company to counter this problem and provide that extra support needed is none other than Newswatch TV.

Newswatch TV is a series on television and recently online that works to promote products in the technology, lifestyle, and health areas. This promotion is through technical reviews going over every facet of a product in question. The show has been around for over 20 years and has earned a valuable reputation through hard work as well as several rewards. These rewards and accolades include the 2017 national videographer award and gold Marcom award. The show has also received the stamp of approval from many celebrity guests like Chris Noth, Paul Sorvino, Alison Sweeney, and Julianne Moore. Newswatch to this day is a powerhouse in product placement and promotion.

Recently the company SteelSeries partnered with Newswatch to promote their new line of headphones and gaming controllers. Needles to say Newswatch got right on it and created 2 separate reviews for the 2 different products. They saw to it that the review segments of the products were broadcasted in every U.S. market and in over 95 million households. This was right on the money as SteelSeries was striving to get their products promoted too as many customers as possible and this was easily achieved. The high-quality video created via Newswatch TV did its job thoroughly and SteelSeries “saw awesome distribution” according to Tori Pugliese the senior director of marketing for SteelSeries. The tv reviews of the SteelSeries products really shows the power and reach Newswatch has commanded for going on 3o years. With online components now involved Newswatch is able to make any product pop of the shelves with simple and high-quality reviews.