Modular Greenhouses CEO Josh Smith Is On A Mission

Can Pink Solar Panels Slash Electricity Use In Greenhouses?

It turns out that pink solar panels can be a solution to helping cut down on electricity usage in greenhouse. A team of scientists discovered that pink solar panels in greenhouses can actually create enough electricity to cover the cost of heating the greenhouse up and maintaining its temperature. This was a big surprise to the scientists who conducted the study on greenhouses and solar panels. The scientists believe that these pink panels can help greenhouse gases became energy neutral or operate without additional electricity.

This news should be met with great fanfare from both environmentalists and greenhouse growers. Cutting down on electricity usage can dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions which is a win for environmentalists. Growers can save a significant sum of money by installing the photovoltaic panels that serve as both a roof in the greenhouse and a source of energy.

It just happens to be that one of the biggest costs in the greenhouse industry is keeping the greenhouse warm enough. That requires plenty of energy. If the pink panels can keep the greenhouse going without additional electricity, then it isn’t a far off bet to say that we may see more greenhouses adopt these solar panels. It makes economic sense and is also good for the environment as well.

What is even better news, is that the pink colored panels have no negative impact on plant growth. In fact, the study found that some plants actually grew better under pink solar greenhouse panels. More studies need to be done however to further validate the claims that pink panels can generate electricity while keeping productivity up in greenhouses.

Josh Smith And Modular Greenhouses 

A pioneer in the greenhouse industry is Josh Smith in Reno, Nevada. He is the founder of and chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses.

Josh Smith created Modular Greenhouse in Reno, Nevada to fulfill a niche in the greenhouse market that he realized existed as he was experimenting with building his own greenhouse. He realized that there was no readily available and easily constructed greenhouse model that you can purchase for personal use. Most greenhouses were expensive and builders were focused on commericial use. This was the idea behind Modular Greenhouses in Reno, Nevada.