Lime Crime & Its Influence On Cosmetics

Lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, lip gloss, glitter and blush are all forms of makeup. There are literally hundreds of companies worldwide that sell these invaluable product. L’Oréal, Almay, MAC and Maybelline are some of the biggest brands in the business, but many of these companies haven’t introduced anything new in quite a while. It is now 2018 and the cosmetics industry has changed to a certain degree. There is a new “top dog” that is making huge waves throughout the industry, and it’s known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime has revolutionized cosmetics thanks to its vibrant and distinct style.

In April, this specific company has been doing an extraordinary job of marketing its new product. Unlike other companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on television commercials, Lime Crime takes a different route by giving the public glimpses of its new products. The all-new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette has garnered plenty of attention in the past few weeks, and it has consumers dialed-in on its official release date. Everyone knows that Lime Crime always provides sneak peaks of its new products before launching them and this time is no different. Venus 3 is an updated version of the Venus 2 eyeshadow palette. It’s also a revamped version of the Venus XL eyeshadow. In other words, Venus 3 is a wonderful combination of the two previous versions.

This product displays richly pigmented colors that possess a glitz finish. There is also an abundance of shades and finishes such as Iridescent Shimmer, Metallic, Shimmer Matte, Matte, Beam, Glow and Lit Lilac. If you’re into a shimmering rose-gold finish, then you should try Heavenly. For those who like a vivid appearance that is dynamic, the bright and blue glowing ability of Paradise is a wonderful choice. This only scratches the surface of what Lime Crime has to offer in totality, but the Venus 3 eyeshadow palette is a great initial item.