Lawrence Bender’s Rise to Legendary Producer Status

Lawrence Bender is a very well-known producer of films in the United States. He first made a name for himself through his work on the cult classic movie, Reservoir Dogs. The movie was written by Quentin Tarantino and utilized all of the crucial elements that have since made Quentin Tarantino so legendary for the films he has been a part of. The movie had a narrative that was non-linear and followed a group of burglars throughout a massive robbery and also showcased scenes from both before and after the robbery. It weaves gently through these men’s lives and has incredible underlying themes that Lawrence Bender and his team of producers and directors utilized the movie into what today has been called a cult classic and is known as a majorly important movie in the field of cinema.

Lawrence Bender also worked on the legendary film Good Will Hunting. This movie tells the tale of a labor worked, played by Matt Damon, who was actually an unrealized genius. In the movie, Matt Damon’s character finally realizes his true potential under the mentorship of famed professor and teacher, played by Robin Williams. He comes to see that his life as a blue collar worker in South Boston has been stifling his genius and that there are true opportunities for potential through his knowledge and brain power. It includes the famous scene where Matt Damon’s character solves a problem that has been formerly unsolvable on a chalkboard as he is working in a janitor at the college where Robin Williams is teaching.

Those are two of Lawrence Bender’s most iconic movies. However, he has also produced a variety of other movies that also became instant classics. These films include famous names like Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards and more. He has received an impressive 29 nominations for Academy Awards and has won six, along with an Oscar. He has become a go-to name for the successful production of some of the greatest films of this era and only continues to thrive and make more movies. He continues to produce some of the year’s most incredible films in 2018.