Jorge Moll; the Science behind Giving Back to the Community

Appearing in her first television interview from the time she narrowly escaped death when the Southeast Asia Tsunami hit, Petra Nemcova gave an emotional speech regarding her ordeal. She talks about how she had fun with the boyfriend who turned out to be her fiancé before the storm swept him away; never to see the love of her life until now. Petra who is an international fashion model recalls how she avoided being swept away by holding onto a palm fig tree for about eight hours. She, however, was left injured alongside a shattered pelvis and disastrous internal injuries. On the other side, her photographer boyfriend, Mr. Simon Atlee is still out of vicinity and considered dead.


Background Information

In her interaction with Sawyer, Nemcova explains her willingness to give back to the society given her past circumstances. The 25-year-old model’s perspective of life has majorly changed in a good way. That explains why she has established and co-established several philanthropic foundations with the aim of helping the afflicted in the society. Other than that, Atlees’ memory is worth living for; it is a source of inspiration to her.


Jenny Santi

Jenny Santi, a prominent philanthropist advisor for some of the global philanthropists as well as celebrity activists, is a frequent commentator in matters of giving back to the society. She has often been mentioned in areas of charity including The New York Times, Channel NewsAsia as well as BBC World News. Her roles in the community give meaning to the philanthropists as she dedicates time and resources to contribute to articles that highlight the science of giving back to the community. As such, in Live Science, she states the value of giving back as a major contributor to people’s wellness in the community concurred by Dr. Jorge Moll. According to this book, the human brain is fonder of giving back after an ordeal that has impacted in an individual’s life.


Jorge Moll, the Neurologist

Jorge Moll is a prominent neurologist who was born in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. At a tender age, he knew that he would pursue medicine. That was his source of motivation. Consequently, Jorge Moll joined Federal University of Rio De Janeiro for a degree in medicine and later completed his neurology course with first class honors.


The Overview

Jorge Moll proceeded to the University of Sao Paulo for experimental physiopathology and physiology thereby specializing in cognitive neuroscience. Currently, Dr. Moll contributes to Brazil’s neurological industry and has been supportive in the treatment of over 100 clients.