Jeunesse takes on the big names of weight loss with Zen Bodi

Over the years, Jeunesse Global has gained a reputation for being a company that backs up its claims with some of the most transformative and effective products in the health and beauty industry. This honest, unwavering dedication to its stated vision is one of the main reasons that Jeunesse Global has won so much respect and has experienced such fantastic levels of growth.

The company is a reflection of the personalities of its founders. Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have been known in the health, beauty and direct-marketing industries for decades. They have built a reputation of selling great products and taking an honest approach to business. Having made thousands of distributors across the world tens of millions of dollars, both Ray and Lewis have enjoyed a loyal following.

All too often, the weight-loss industry has not reflected these values. It has nkbeen wracked with shaky claims and gimmicky sales methods, with companies often promising their customers things that are simply not possible to deliver.

It was, therefore, a major deal in the weight-loss industry when Jeunesse Global announced that it would soon begin selling its weight-loss system. Called the Zen 8 Project, the system comes with its own fat-burning supplement, which Jeunesse calls Zen Bodi. The supplement was scientifically engineered by Jeunesse scientists in order to maximize the burning of fat, curb the user’s appetite and build muscle.

Unlike many other weight-loss systems, the Zen 8 Project does not claim to be able to deliver easy results. Instead, it uses scientifically designed workout programs and the discipline of behavioral modification to help users slowly change their habits, creating a total-health lifestyle that allows people to naturally meet their fitness goals.

Designed with the help of one of the top personal fitness experts in the world, the Zen 8 Project is one of the most effective and realistic exercise programs on the face of the planet. It has been one of the better-selling products in the Jeunesse Global lineup, a reflection of the fact that many people are finding the Zen 8 Project and Zen Bodi to be a life-changing way to pursue their health and fitness goals.