JAY Z Throws Juan ”OG” Perez A Birthday Party Worth Thousands Of Dollars

JAY Z Throws Juan ”OG” Perez a Birthday Party Worth Thousands of Dollars

If you are into the industry of entertainment then JAY Z is probably a familiar name. Better known as a hip-hop artist and icon, he recently threw  birthday party worth $113,000 to a close friend who is also his business partner, Juan ”OG” Perez. The party was characterized by lavish price tags of expensive dinner worth $13k alongside drinks worth $9k. The event was held in a club and close friends as well as relatives were majorly part of it.

Background Data

The birthday party began at night and OG’s wife was joined by Roc Nation’s family. They spent the extravagant night in an internationally –acclaimed restaurant in Japan. Moreover, they spoilt themselves with lobster, sushi alongside steak. The following event included the group making its way to a prominent night-club restaurant called Inwood. While there, they splurged drinks including Hova and Cognac.

The Highlight of the Event

The highlight of the event came when JAY Z and friends headed to the Playroom Nightclub and celebrated on forty champagne bottles totaling up to a bill worth $91,000. The first round was followed by a split in the group with Perez and JAY Z joined by other friends of course, spending the night at the club. Moreover, Roc Nations’ family partied all night into the morning. While at it, they enjoyed multiple aces of Gold Champagne alongside cool music.

The Observation

From the look of how the party went down, JAY Z is basically promoting his business. The genius in him cannot be outsmarted as at first, he indulges in his label called D’USSE Cognac in Mexico then he heads to Ace of Spades worth $100,000. Of course, the Roc Nation family spent thousands of dollars on Jay’s products. This only grows his empire. Jay has always been a prudent business professional but this is somewhat visionary, making him a force to reckon with.

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