James Bopp And The Growth Of End Citizens United

In 2008 when the silver haired lawyer, James Bopp, attended a court hearing in Washington, D.C., to argue for his political group, Citizens United. Bopp was on Capitol Hill to argue to the judges that Citizens United should be able to show a film, called Hillary the Movie, concerning Hillary Clinton on television. The film offers the proposition that Hillary Clinton was a Euro styled socialist and a devious political manipulator and that she was even involved, interestingly, in a assassination attempt on, of all things, a cat.

Mr. Bopp was laughed out of the room and, needless to say, his motion was denied; Citizens United would not be able to air the film during the election cycle as it constituted an “ad campaign.” However, Bopp, not his associates at Citizens United, was not one to be deterred and continued fighting on the issue. Only two years later the courts completely overturned their previous decision and allowed Citizens United to air the film. The decision was a momentous one that completely reversed over a century of legal precedent regarding First Amendment rights and campaign finance. Spending was now legal considered “speech.”

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Bopp was quite obviously overjoyed, however, many were not. Foremost among the displeased was Citizens United’s arch nemesis, the aptly named, End Citizens United. The organizations goal is all in the name. End Citizens United is, like Citizens United, a non-profit political action committee formed for the express purpose of overturning any decisions which allow “big money” to flow into Washington.

But unlike many other similar groups ECU has been extremely successful thus far and has been able to raise a considerable sum of money from grassroots donors to further their political aims and combat individuals such as Mr. Bopp. As of 2017 they have already collected well over four million dollars from their fund raising campaigns and that kind of money is only expected to increase. Analysts for the organization predict that if their donations continue at similar and stable rates then they will be looking at collecting around $ 35 million by the time the next mid-term elections swing around in 2018! That certainly is not a sum to chuckle at. With it End Citizens United looks to put an end to big money and big business in the capital once and for all by fielding sympathetic candidates for various offices around the country. Only time will tell whether or not their efforts will bring success in their arduous battle against Bopp and Citizens United.

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