How James Dondero Became an Influential Philanthropist in Dallas

James Dondero is currently the Co-Founder and President of NexBank and is also the Co-Founder and President of one of the most influential financial corporations in Dallas, Texas: Highland Funds and Highland Capital Management, his investing company.

James Dondero is one of the strongest entrepreneurs in Dallas, but he is so much more than that. Other than being such a successful businessman and a financial expert, he is a philanthropist who has helped dozens of communities with their personal goals and has helped the whole Dallas territory as well, countless times.

The entrepreneur Dondero has once given $1 million in a grant towards the local Dallas Zoo in an attempt to fund the return of the hippos to their habitat in the zoo. The project was so successful that not only did the hippos revert to the facility, but the zoo also inaugurated their brand new habitat, which was renewed thanks to the help of the philanthropist and entrepreneur.

At Highland Capital Management, many of the investment advisory business generates income that James Dondero saves to be used to fund an organization or use for charitable means.

This scenario was seen in the funding of The Family Place, which $1 million given from the Highland Capital Management’s capital. The institution The Family Place provides everything that someone who was abused by a family member would need, including somewhere to stay, clothes to wear, hot bath, professional help, and the list goes on. Thanks to the aid of the financial advisor Dondero, the institution is currently able to continue to support these victims with $1 million extra cash to keep giving the attendance that is needed.

James Dondero is also known for being a strong sympathizer for high-quality education, and that has been seen in his participation in the “Education is Freedom” organization. They are a group with the goal of providing financial assistance to students who are seeking college degree but have some sort of high-risk disadvantage that is keeping them from pursuing that dream.

All in all, Dondero has shown countless times that he is an active philanthropist who has achieved success in his career path and continues to grow alongside his two main corporations. Being one of the biggest experts in investment in Dallas, he has also contributed to the growth of the whole community, and that makes him a very influential man.