Honey Birdette: Going International

Honey Birdette is one of the top lingerie brands in Australia. With 55 stores nationwide, it’s no surprise that Honey Birdette would be going international. Like many retail companies today, Honey Birdette’s international business starting online. Although they’ve seen sales across the globe, two countries, in particular, have responded well to Honey Birdette products.
Their first international step is the United Kingdom. Currently, Honey Birdette has a few outlets in the London area, but they’re planning on expanding further. They’re hoping that their U.K. presence will reach 40 stores by the end of next year. They also have plans on expanding into the rest of Europe; but not for a while.
The second country responding to their product is the United States. Last year, Honey Birdette experienced a 374 percent rise in U.S.-based sales. In response, Honey Birdette created a U.S. e-commerce site to give American shoppers the best customer service. The U.S. site now includes free shipping on orders more than $50 and easier shipping and returns.
When Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza founded Honey Birdette, they were just filling a small niche in the Australian market. After BB Capital invested in their company, Honey Birdette took off. They were able to turn Honey Birdette into the retail company they had dreamt of over a bottle of champagne.
What they created is the Honey Birdette experience. Everything from the boutique décor to the sale staff focuses on sensuality and luxury. The unforgettable experience of Honey Birdette is what keeps people coming back.
Honeys, the sales staff of Honey Birdette boutiques, are real reason customers keep coming back. Honeys are talented and flirty when it comes to educated customers. They’re not afraid of role-playing or sparking a woman’s desire.

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