Highland Capital Management key Roles in the Society

Dreaming of starting a business but lack enough resources? Highland capital Management is the solution to your problem. The company offers investment advice to persons who would wish to start or expand their businesses. The investment advice may be given in form distressed credit, public and private equities, leveraged loans, emerging markets, structured products, natural resources and high yield bonds.

The company is SEC-registered and it is among the leading alternative credit managers worldwide. It was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Highland Capital Management directs over a billion assets in the world. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas with other offices in Singapore, New York, Seoul, Paolo and Sao.

Highland Capital Management also plays a great role in giving back to the society. It engages in charitable activities, advisory board participation as well as giving monetary contributions to non-profit and community organizations. Santa Barbara Foundation is one of the non-profit organizations which James Dondero participates actively. The foundation supports veterans wishing to attain higher academic grounds.

Highland Capital Management has a clear successful record across various sectors of the economy. One of the most successful units is the healthcare sector. Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing components in the US business industry. Highland Capital Management seeks to increase investment returns in the sector.

There is increased demand for quality public healthcare: new drugs have been introduced. The overuse of some of these drugs has been established to lead into addiction. Highland Capital management has come out to supports various companies that target to produce less addictive drugs. Among the supported businesses is Collegium Pharmaceutical. The company’s sales are expected to rise greatly due to its outstanding features. Pacira Pharmaceutical is another beneficiary. It produces a non addictive pain reliever for use in orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries.

Linda Owen named the charitable manager

In its bid to continue supporting the local community, Highland Capital has named Linda Owen as its charitable giving manager. James is reportedly happy with the new approach and believes Owen will achieve the desired results. Linda will now be the custodian of the annual $3 million channeled to support local organizations.