He Young Milan Kordestani Shows a New Way to Do Business with Purely Organic Company Milan Farms

Miilan Kordestani, the CEO and founder of Milan Farms, was born in Stanford, California in 2000. Of course the most surprising part about this statement is that he is fresh out of high school and actually founded the company before he even graduated high school. The primary selling point from Milan Farms is his organic system that he uses to raise poultry as well organically growing 100% pure saffron.

His prestigious position at Milan Farms isn’t the only thing he does though, he is also a writer for Huffington Post and an accomplished equestrian. His title of being such an esteemed rider comes from being ranked 3rd in the Worlds Championship 17 as well as the Under Park Division in 2015, he also ranked 2nd at the Worlds Championship in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure category in 2016. Going back to his position at Huffington Post, he writes articles about agriculture, mental health, and politics; he is also a published author.

Milan Farms, again, strives to raise poultry in a humane fashion with only organic products. All of the eggs from his company come from grass fed, free ranging chickens. Their diet also includes bugs and nutrients and organic vegetables without the chickens eating any corn feed or soy. The company also states that it isn’t only the feed that is completely organic, as the wooden coops that the chicken live in and the cartons that the eggs are sold in are organic as well, showing that Milan Farm’s idea of organic is a step above even other eco-friendly companies and farms.

Other products that are sold include saffron and other herbs. With the saffron, only the brightest portion of the plant is used to ensure a product with perfect quality after each and every harvest. The cultivation of the product is based off of a 3500 year old tradition that is focused on preventing loss of quality. Herbs other then saffron from the farm are grown in very modern means with a soil that has Bluetooth sensors that precisely measure the parameters of growing conditions. These products are also of course, organic, non GMO, and pesticide-free.