Equities First Holdings – an Alternative Lending Leader

Currently, getting a loan from financial institutions is a long and tiresome process. Many forms have to be filled to ascertain your credibility. Most people give up in the process. Equities First Holdings established with the aim of providing alternative forms of lending as well as to enable people to acquire loans efficiently.

Many people have moved to Equities First Holding for lending solutions making it grow rapidly. This has necessitated Equities First to relocate their offices to the heart of Melbourne to facilitate accessibility by clients and business professionals.

According to Equities First Holdings Managing Director, Mitchell Hopwood, the new office will provide enough space for customers to avoid congestion. Moreover, it will provide their personnel with enough room to offer quality services.

Equities First is different from other financial entities in that it gives customers fast loans, which can be used for any purpose. Apart from the offices in Melbourne, Equities First also has offices in Sydney and Perth in Australia. Due to the constant increase in the number of customers interested in their products, it has opened offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Its headquarters are located in Indianapolis, USA.

Unlike other banking institutions which require an individual to securities  guarantors, an investor can easily use his shares to secure a loan at low-interest rates. In case a customer has stocks or prospects in a particular company, he can use it as collateral for the loan. The credit provided by Equities First has a low-interest rate, as low as 3%.

This type of funding has benefited many investors since the stock used as security remains in the ownership of the investors and regains full ownership after clearing the loan. The loan acquired can be used to venture into more profitable businesses and earn investors more profit.

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