Dr. Saad Saad: The Caring, Innovative and Creative Retired Physician Who Goes Beyond Practice

Dr. Saad Saad is a known pediatric surgeon, and his good reputation may have been because of his particularly helpful set of surgery protocols. For starters, Dr. Saad always checks the patient’s Medical Record and urges student physicians to do so, too. It is also important for him to check what kind of surgical procedure that he has to do in order for a better surgical sequence. He is also most often successful in his surgeries because he always double checks and reviews the procedures he gets, especially if they come from a pediatric surgical textbook.



Some of the other personal tips that Dr. Saad also shares to his students include following a strict set of rules. It is his primary role during surgery to not engage in personal talk. There’s also no loud music allowed during a procedure, and most of all, he has to get a good night sleep and good breakfast before any surgery. Such simple tips may appear easy to do, but they’re no less important. They are essentials in making sure that the surgeries are always successful.



Other than these personal tips, it may be useful for any starting doctor to learn more of the complete experience of Dr. Saad in his years of practice. Dr. Saad is now retired, but his years in practice have given him a lot of experience to teach to all the upcoming students of medicine. An important philosophical lesson that he wants to share students is the idea that they should not think that dreams are impossible. If a poor Palestinian kid and refugee like him can make it in the field of medicine in America, nothing should make other students think that they couldn’t do it.



Another inspiring thing about Dr. Saad is his assortment of creative innovation for medical procedures. He has patented inventions under his name today that make him one of the most inspiring innovating doctors in the country. With his inventions, doctors are now able to prevent costly complications that would put the patients’ life at risk. Some of these inventions include a catheter that no longer requires X-rays and an endoscope contraption that can save up a surgeon’s operation time.



What the inventions do to the lives of doctors today is that they can perform faster surgeries and they can prevent unnecessary interventions that may do more damage than harm. For example, the endoscope that Dr. Saad invented contains a self-contained suction that can clear fluid from the endoscope and give the surgeon a better view. All these improvements in the traditional method spell a lot of value for the doctors. Such risk-taking and creative innovation makes Dr. Saad one of the special physicians today who just go beyond mere medical practice. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12