Dr. Dov Rand Is Working To Ease His Patients’ Healthy Aging Issues

Dr. Dov Rand is a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist who works out of West Orange New Jersey. He has always worked to help his patients with their healthy aging issues and to provide them with the relief they are seeking. He serves his patients at the Healthy Medical Center where he offers advice on how to best tackle the spread of conditions that can come with age as well as how to lose weight in a healthy manner. Previously, Dr. Dov Rand trained at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, and there, he learned plenty that he has taken with him to this day.

Dr. Dov Rand’s work at the Healthy Medical Center offers new ways of approaching menopausal symptoms, such as, anxiety, mood disruptions, hot flashes, weight gain, depression, and more. His approach focuses on addressing the tasks that hormones take care of inside of the body.

By focusing his attention more on the nutritional aspects that can help women during this time of their life, he has developed the HCG diet, which is a program that uses a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. Studies have shown that the hormone can help to fend off degenerative muscle deterioration, and the HCG diet is known to help women quickly lose the weight they desire to shed from their body (https://www.northnewjerseyhcg.com/).

Dr. Dov Rand is not a cold, clinical practitioner of medicine but, instead, has a warm demeanor and is passionate about what he does. His compassionate nature is well-known by his patients, and he focuses on sticking with his patients until they have found a solution to what plagues them. Part of his regimen for losing weight includes teaching people to change their eating habits and how to reset their metabolism so it is functioning to the best of its ability. He does the latter by encouraging his patients to consume plenty of water, increase their activity levels, and to reduce stress in as many areas of their life as possible. While Dr. Dov Rand knows that the HCG diet works, he does not look at it as the only way to lose weight. He always works with his patients to help them understand every single aspect of maintaining a healthy weight.