Dr Chris Villanuevas Vision For The Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental, Chris is a practicing dentist who has a spirit of preserving the absolute best of both corporate dentistry and independent practitioner groups in the trade. Holding experience in each section of the industry, Villaneuva started the company with broad experience of providing vital support while not jeopardizing the integrity of his job.When he finished studying in medical school the only options available were to become a part of a huge group practice or start a private dental office of his own. He prefers the idea of making a system where dentists could get the best side of both worlds. MB2 Dental places dentists, and therefore their clients, first.

Noticing how practitioners needed specialized support which didn’t have caveats attached, Villanueva who began MB2 Dental. Since then, MB2 Dental has served dentists at over more than 70 offices in six states, MB2 has 522 staff members and a close-knit team of managers seeking to uphold a culture of distinction and excellence.Chris Steven Villanueva built MB2 with a vision of it being a dentist-operated and owned company centered on autonomy, personal growth, having fun and support. The dental firm supports dentists to make changes that actually serve patients. These innovations promote improved operating criteria which point to more happy practitioners and promote strong and organic growth.

MB2 Dental is a technologically-advanced, modern business. MB2 boasts a team of specialists who help dentists overcome legal, HR, payroll and compliance or marketing challenges they encounter. MB2 cultivates an atmosphere allowing dentists to improve and learn with each other. MB2 values being progressive and up to date with industry trends and standards, and Fully committed to making dentists keep control over methods in which they use, and fully surrounded by a youthful and active culture supported by much success and knowledge. Chris Steven Villaneuva always surrounds himself with intelligent people who help bring ideas to realization in his professional as well as his personal life. There is a huge amount of teamwork involved when taking an idea from the imagination to reality. Starting off with collaboration results in buy-in. Chris Villanueva is a true believer that dental practitioners are better off together than individually. Villaneuva’s ideas always arise from unique places like during a meal, or at game time with his children.