Dr. Chris Villanueva Creating A Revolution In Dentsitry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions, a company which has brought a disruptive idea in the field of dentistry. The company is implementing an idea that has not been seen before. Dr. Chris Villanueva has spent a number of years looking for solutions to some of the challenges that the people face in this field. After working in the industry as a private practitioner as well as a dentist in corporate sector, he learned that there were pertinent issues in the industry which needed to be addressed to make service delivery even better. MB2 Dental has grown rapidly in over 6 states and 70 locations in the United States. The number of professionals who have been attracted to the idea of this firm like how they have an innovative way of taking away the responsibility of dealing with nonclinical tasks from the dentists.

Dr. Chris Villanueva, want to see an industry where practitioners concentrate on what is the most important role for them which is to offer great services to the patients. In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who seek dental services as more awareness is created on the importance of healthy dental structure. Due to this current situation, there is need to have professionals who are providing treat medical care without concentrating more on the business side of the profession.

Dr. Chris Villanueva is taking away the role of managing the business and leaving the dentist to concentrate on providing services. Some of the things that this business will do on behalf of dentist include hiring and training of workers, sales, and marketing, accounting and finance among many other services. So basically the dentist will be left to deal with the treatment of the patient and not anything else.

Dr. Chris Villanueva created this company because he wanted the patients and the doctors to gain from the industry. By ensuring that doctors are saved from nonclinical work, it means that they will spend more time in research work treatment which will lead to more innovations in the industry which will be a direct benefit to the patient. Patients will be able to enjoy great services offered by such medical professionals who have decided to offer great service. In the new program, doctors do not need to compete amongst themselves, they have been provided with a platform where there is no need of that all.

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