ClassDojo is Bringing Harmony to Teachers and Parents

The word “dojo” is a Japanese term that literally means “place of the way”. When this word is placed after the expression “class” it is now means a place of great teaching and learning. Class Dojo was created in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These guys used to be teachers and they decided to take their experience to the mobile world of applications.


ClassDojo was brought to life to help teachers to effectively educate children. This application is used in a variety of different classrooms all over the country by many different teachers.


As a matter of fact, at least 1 teacher in 90% of all U.S. schools is now registered with Class Dojo. There are at least 30 million parents (and their students) that are registered with this application as well.

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ClassDojo is a great device for helping people teachers and students to reach their best potential in the classroom. This mobile app is best used on a person’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, it can (and often is) used on a PC computer.


ClassDojo has a lot to offer in terms of communication, reporting and even tutoring students. The app’s main benefit is that it allows moms, dads, teachers, administrators and even instructional assistants to all communicate with one another over a student’s behavior.

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Let’s face it; students are at the core of Class Dojo and they are the reason why this app was invented. Don’t get it wrong, teachers are extremely essential to the education process. However, without students, this system would simply fall apart.


So, the app is set up to make a teacher’s and parent’s life easier in regard to their students. Communication is a big deal for teachers and parents. ClassDojo has features such as video clips, sending photos and text messages that parents and teachers can send to each other all throughout the day.


Not only does this app help to make meetings between parents and teachers an easier thing to accomplish; it can be used to provide homework and even special content. ClassDojo is making a lot of teachers and parents smile all over the country. A lot of people are involved with the ClassDojo app and they like the harmony and unity that it brings into their lives.  Source