The Momentum Of An $18 Billion Donation

The Rush Of Adrenaline On Wall Street

We love to make money. The science behind this passion goes as far as money’s ability to change your biology. This happens on a physical psychological level for the human being. Both processes are also the source of this rush experienced when dreaming of, making or losing money. This is a rush we all have.

The humanitarian world is just received “a huge rush of it” as Goerge Soros donates $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation.

He likely earned it on Wall Street. The emotional ups and downs when trading makes the rush from money hard to cope with for many. We take a look at the professionals on Wall Street and as our greatest examples. The first step of success is how professionals manage the way they feel when buying and selling investment options.

This “rush of adrenaline” can lead an investor to sell when they should buy or to buy when they should sell. We ask George Soros about it, and his track record answers most of the questions. There’s a secret art to managing the emotional fluctuations we find during financial decision making.

Mastering The Emotional Sways

Mastering the emotional sways is what the best in finance do to achieve success. The process consists of keeping your emotional perceptions at bay. The reason that staying calm is important for George Soros is because of opportunity. The windows of success on Wall Street come and go.

It’s therefore your mastery of opportunity that will keep you balanced while making trades. George Soros’ biggest trades came when others felt there was no opportunity. The emotional direction of the markets can often lead us to believe that nothing is before us to make a change with.

Professionals like George Soros understands things differently. What he sees are time sensitive opportunity that come and go with your emotional outlook. The more calm and in control Mr. Soros is, the more he makes in the end. This is the model of George’s success and the legacy we all know.

Creating A Plan And A System

To be realistic about the opportunity on Wall Street, it’s best to understand what men like George Soros can do. It all starts with a secure plan and system. Even George Soros had to first develop his understanding before he could leverage real opportunities. and more information click here

Preparing for “what could happen” led George to uncover a plan and system that worked. This plan and system also became the protection he would have against the unexpected. The final outcome is an investment system that takes into account time sensitivity and the emotional responsibilities for trading success.