Jeff Herman Fights The Good Fight In Defense Of Children

Jeff Herman will readily admit that his decision to apply for law school had nothing to do with coming to the aid of children. Jeff entered the legal world as a commercial litigator and was well on his way to a stellar career when fate precipitated a sudden change of direction.

Jeff was contacted 20 years ago by a mother of a young preschool-aged child that suffered from autism. The young boy had been sexually abused while at school and his mother was reaching out to anyone that would help her with the situation.

Jeff Herman took up the mother’s call and conducted his own investigation into the matter. He found that a school employee known to the young victim as ‘Mr. Dan’ had touched the boy inappropriately. What was more disturbing in the matter was that Mr. Dan was a convicted pedophile and the failure of the school to perform a simple background check on him allowed Mr. Dan to molest 20 children at the school.

Herman would soon learn that as shocking as the situation regarding Mr. Dan was to him that situations such as this were more commonplace than anyone cared to imagine. It was with this realization that Jeff Herman knew his true calling had been revealed to him.

Jeff has devoted his career since then to holding persons and institutions accountable that allow children and other individuals to be sexually exploited. Jeff learned that often times the problem is with regional oversight of churches and schools that cause hiring standards to become lower to meet demand. The filing of suits and dogged litigation of these matters in court by Jeff Herman contributes to ending this type of abuse.

Jeff understands that the topic of sexual abuse is a difficult one to discuss with children but urges parents to have this conversation with their sons and daughters. He points out that child predators themselves have been on record admitting that a child’s ignorance of sexual matters made it easier to exploit them. It is important that parents educate their children in regards to what is and what is not appropriate touching of a child.