The Darkness and the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a duo that consists of Alex Pall as well as Andrew Taggart. They had their first breakthrough hit with the song #Selfie, in 2014. This song became a top 20 single in quite a few countries and helped the duo achieve worldwide recognition. And after that, it was just all uphill from there. They were on their way to great success. Even though it might seem that they have been around for a bit, it is really only about 2 years since they have started seeing the joys of success.

Their next hit was the song “Roses” and from there they have been unstoppable. Then came the hit songs “Paris,” “Something Just Like This” which they did with Coldplay. Then the “Closer” with Halsey which was number one for twelve weeks, and the Grammy-winning song “Don’t Let Me Down,”. This song also featured Daya, a relative newcomer to the music business.

With this type of success, they might have been tempted to continue with the type of music that had gotten them to this point. Indeed, most musical groups would have, but not this group, they decided that they wanted a challenge. They changed their sound slightly, to what they consider to be a little bit darker. So along came the single “Sick Boy” which has a bit of a different sound. The video has been described as visually stunning as well. With this new twist on a sound, they are onto the next phase of their new success.

The Chainsmokers like to think that their music reflects society and their generation. They discussed that as being the reason that their new sound in music has changed a bit. They feel that the tone in society recently has been more along the dark side and that their music is just a reflection of this. They also feel that their frustration with how they might be portrayed, incorrectly in the media, was another deciding factor in how their new sound came about. They channeled their frustration about this and their anger into their new sound. It seems to be working very well for them.

Just Who Is Mark McKenna?

The name Mark McKenna may not register to most people, and it isn’t a common name in a sense. If you reside in the New Orleans and Atlanta metropolitan areas, then this name could potentially ring a bell. Dr. Mark McKenna is his name and serving mankind is his game. This extraordinary guy has an extensive resume of success, and he has an extensive educational background. The New Orleans-native has always had love for the medical field as well as love for doing business. As of today, this guy has attained multiple degrees, awards and certifications. Dr. Mark McKenna has worked in medical industry, and he has worked in the business world. Before his prominent business-ventures came into play, he worked alongside of his father in the medical field.

The Tulane University Medical School graduate is licensed by the states of Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. MBA and MD are two of his major titles. On top of that, this guy is known as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. While practicing medicine in the early days, Dr. Mark McKenna built-up a brilliant business-portfolio over a short period of time. This is one of the most progressive individuals on the planet thanks to his strong dedication and passion. His two successful companies, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, offered turn-key business-solutions in real-estate. The two companies would go on to employ over 50 dedicated individuals.

Dr. Mark McKenna is leading by example and as of today, he is the owner of ShapeMed. This wellness & aesthetic medical practice covers a wide range of health-solutions. Weight-loss and other injectable treatments were used on a daily basis, and they provided great results. This father of two would eventually sell ShapeMed in 2014. As of right now, Dr. Mark McKenna is the Chief Executive Officer of a successful medical aesthetic company named OVME.

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