Wager your money on college basketball games

If you’re looking for a popular sport to place your bet, consider College Basketball. Covers.com provides you with a comprehensive college basketball odds section, and when the college basketball is on the season, you have the best platform to bet on various college basketball games.If you are acquainted with NBA betting, you’ll perhaps already know a lot more about college basketball betting, however, for new punters there’s need to get conversant with how it works. Similar to NBA betting, gambling on college basketball odds has three main types of bets; namely, money line betting, spread betting, and Over Under. Read on for further insight on how to effectively wager your money on each type of college basketball bet.

Spread betting

This type of bet involves a lot more than simply picking which college basketball team will win the game. With spread betting, the bookmakers set the number of points referred to as the spread that the favorite team is favored. If you placed a bet on a favored team to win, then it must win by further points than indicated as the spread. Likewise, if you placed a bet on the underdog team to win, then they must either win the basketball game outright or lose by less than the total of the spread.

Money line betting

This type of bet involves simply choosing which college basketball team you believe will win the duel. It doesn’t matter the number of points the team wins by, provided that the team you stake your money on wins the duel.

Over/Under (Game Total) betting

This type of betting involves staking on a number of points both teams score in a particular match combined. The bookmakers will determine a game total, and punters can either bet on the total amount of points scored by the two teams to surpass or remain under the set total. For example, if the bookmakers set the game total at 145.5, punters can bet on there being 146 or extra points (the over), or 144 or fewer points (the under).

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