Dedicated Businessman Gregory James Aziz

James Aziz was born in the year nineteen forty-nine in London. He went through his education life in Ontario and later graduated from the University of Western Ontario where he did Economics. Gregory James then joined the family business that entailed wholesale food where he worked so hard and over a couple of years the business grew to high levels to become a worldwide importer of fresh foods from Europe and made a lot of distribution to other wholesale markets. Greg Aziz also worked on several investment banking opportunities that enabled him to plan on the purchase of the National Steel Car in the year nineteen ninety-four. Currently he is the chairman president and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car.


Gregory J Aziz was so motivated to transform the company into one of the best railroad freight car manufacturers. He ensured that the company had a strong team of workers who were ready to deliver on its success; James also invested heavily in the company that later lead to the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities and the rise of employment in the company. The National Steel Car is now one of the companies that is so innovative, and it has managed to build many new railroad freight car. National Steel Car has been honored for the great work it does by receiving the highest quality award and has also made an effort in sponsoring many local charities in North America.


The achievement that Greg James Aziz has managed to make in the company is thanks to the support of the suppliers and the frequent customers to the company who ensure that the company standards are maintained. National Steel Car is also focused in maintaining past traditions and it is so determined to deliver quality to the customers. Go To This Page for more information.


Finally, the excellence in engineering and manufacturing has made the company to be more dynamic and innovative, it has risen to greater levels and James Aziz focuses on the strength of the rail industry and ensures that the voice of the customers is considered keenly to enable the company stay on top.


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