Rocketship Education Believes in Public Community Based Education

Rocketship Education opened their public charter school doors to students ten years ago in San Jose, California. As Rocketship Education gained community recognition for their personal touch to at risk youth, they expanded their elementary curriculum to three additional states. Rocketship Education’s success was built on strong values of supporting under represented student populations. Student, teachers, administration, and parents all learn through Rocketship Education because they’re committed to high standards. Their standards include everyones perspective within the educational community that their students reside within. Rocketship Education dedicates it’s community to uphold standards for the children it delivers life changing educational experiences to. As a school they stand to achieve equal educational opportunities for young learners and aid the communities to be supported environments to live in. They do this by making their schools a more understanding, welcoming and resourceful place for the wide variety of backgrounds that enter their doors. The community comes together to upholds these ideals and advocate for children’s education to be a carful system upholding a personal touch to every students needs.

Rocketship believes that excellent teachers create transformational environments for students. By investing in comprehensive teacher training, Rocketship ensures they positively impact student lives. To empower students, diverse teachers with shining attitudes are hand selected by administration and parents to build strong team relationship with student families. In building this community network, Rocketship Education hopes to build more demand for equity in public school education to insure the integration of a diverse student body. They believe that inclusion of all students sets high standards for their staff and student body to take an empathetic approach to learning. This builds character in everyone to learn to co-operate with each other. Rocketship Education’s meaningful-inclusion model recognizes that students with behavioral challenges, disabilities, or language barriers help define their values, and purpose of a school community. In an environment that is always seeking to grow, staff and students are empowered to face challenges with confidence together.