The Notable Accomplishments of Patty Rocklage

A big number of Americans struggle with mental problems every day. The problems range from family issues, abusive relationships, and mental conditions that make people lead unfulfilling lives. Patty Rocklage is psychotherapist based in Massachusetts who is aiding people to tackle their problems and innovatively search for solutions for better lives. Patty studied at the University of Southern California and earned a degree in Psychology in 1981. Besides, she acquired all the required permits from the relevant authorities and started practicing. In over two decades, she has been helping many individuals to get solutions to some social problems.

To get a solution to a problem, Patty Rocklage listens to her clients keenly and tries to dig deep to attain comprehensive solution for the challenges. The combinations of these traits, her strong education background, and the extensive experience have made her a reputable physiotherapist. She has helped couples to save their marriages and has united hundreds of families with broken relationships. She has also helped many address social problems they face in different stages of development. Click here to know more.

Her work experience has sharpened her skills in teaching, life coaching, team building and public speaking. Patty today is a sought-after psychotherapist, and her exemplary services have made her a trusted expert in the field. Through her warm and receptive nature, individuals who nearly gave up in life have recollected themselves and have been able to adapt a positive focus in life.

Patty Rocklage values her community, and she is active in philanthropic endeavors that make the lives of the disadvantaged bearable. In collaboration with her husband, Scott Rocklage, a reputable medical doctor, they have donated a huge sum of money to aid in the renovation of chemistry laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the institution in which her husband pursued a Ph.D. She has also been involved in running programs that focus on providing support to students studying in Massachusetts from Southern Sudan. Patty Rocklage is a respected member of her community, and her career has been quite fulfilling. She draws a lot of inspiration from the lives she has touched and is committed to becoming better in her career each day. She has a home in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband.