Adam Milstein Highlights the Negative Effects of Anti-Semitism

Muslim extremist are bent on criticizing and ending Israel, which is the mother country of Jewish people, and the said extremists generate discrimination and prejudice against Jews.

Adam Milstein reveals that the malicious hostility the extremist right has with Jews has likewise been gaining strength as well with extremist left. And it is regarded as the pillar of the militant Muslim activities. While these three international foundations of anti-Semitism have originated from dissimilar backgrounds, they are progressively merging in maneuvers and notions that strengthen the flood of prejudice, bigotry, and hate.

In the past couple of years, both Europe and North America observed an increasing coalition among the militant leftist and extremists Muslims. Radical Muslims despise feminism, crush human and minority rights, kill gays, and stone women. It is incomprehensible that the extreme left is not horrified by this kind of philosophy. However, these two factions put their differences aside to sustain their shared animosity for the global Western influence in terms of being against anti-Semitism, tolerance, freedom of speech, and multi-cultural nationalism.

It is incomprehensible according to Adam Milstein, how the radical leftists seem not to mind the narrow-minded philosophies of the Islam extremists like the ill-treatment of minorities including women. The Islam culture and principles are far more superior than the beliefs illustrated by the radical Muslims since it illustrates Muslims and Islam as ignorant and an immovable obstruction to development respectively. And Adam Milstein says that when this happens, the difference among conventional Muslims and extremists becomes indistinguishable and makes them look like the people who are being repressed by the West.

In relevance to the above statements, the extreme left’s distorted perceive Israel as a persecutor of Muslims, and its Jew nationals are supreme beings who are the reason for all the problems in the world, most especially in the Middle East region. The extreme Muslims along with the radical left is trying to ally with each other by trying to terminate Western ideals like tolerance, democracy, and freedom, which are the building blocks of America and Israel – the Middle East’s sole democratic state.

Adam Milstein is an author of JNS, he is a native of Israel, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation’s President.

Greg Secker’s Principal Feats

Greg sec is a well-known entrepreneur who is recognized worldwide. He was born in the year 1975. Greg sec is the founder of the famous organization known as knowledge to action which he did in the year 2003.The organization has other companies under it that include Learn to trade. The company has its offices in the major countries that include, London-Johannesburg, Sydney as well as Manila. The company is based on providing education concerning trading. Knowledge to action has another company under it known as intelligent chart software. The company was aimed at providing software that enhances trading technology. All the companies Greg has founded are not real interest in profit generation. His principal aim of starting numerous companies is to help people improve their lives. His generous nature pushed him to help individuals in education, coaching, strategy as well as support. The experience, his philanthropic conducts as well as leadership skills ranks him the greatest entrepreneur at the Global level.


Greg founded a non-profitable foundation and called it Greg Secker. Even though the organization does not generate profit for him, Greg considers it his greatest achievement. This is because it gave him a perfect platform to exercise his humanitarian missions. The organization was founded back in the year 2010 when his quest for helping people was at its uppermost. Greg attended the University of Nottingham where he took Studies in Agriculture and Food Science. This gave a strong foundation to his career. He has past engagements with foreign exchange trading systems. This marked him as a trading expert and went an extra mile in molding his entrepreneurial skills. His great work and clean records in his operations have seen him receive awards in the past years. Due to his skills in e-comers innovation, he won the British Telecom Award in the year 1998. Greg Secker career began at a very tender age, and this saw him serve as the vice president at Mellon Financial cooperation at the age of 25. His achievements and his generous disposition make him a well-thought-of individual in the entire world.