How OSI Industries Plans To Up Its Growth

In the corporate circles, OSI Industries is known as one of the leading suppliers of meat products and fast food in the world. If you’ve ever visited some of the biggest restaurants such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks or even McDonalds, then you must have enjoyed some of the company’s products. Over a century, OSI Industries has maintained the best food processing practices enabling the enterprise to grow and become one of the biggest brands in the global food sector. OSI Industry has been a recipient of several awards given the company’s commitment to quality products and the welfare of the society.

OSI Group Industries has spread its operations throughout the United States. The company has also managed to establish operations in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. OSI’s products are popular in the Chinese and Indian markets. OSI has a history of delivering quality food products at a cost-effective price to the mass market. The enterprise also offers tailored food solutions to large congregations such as the Olympics.

OSI group’s history can be dated back to the days the company was a typical family business called Otto and Sons in 1928. When Sheldon Lavin, the current owner of the firm, joined the company, he held the post of financial consultant. The man used to help the company get funding for some of its projects. His competency at the job was put to the test when he was told to arrange for a credit facility that could enable Otto & Sons increase its production capacity to supply McDonald’s with meat products. Sheldon Lavin carried out this task so well.

Sheldon Lavin has nurtured OSI Industries from the days it was just a family business into one of the biggest privately held companies in the world. The entrepreneur deserves accolades for his outstanding performance in business. Several organizations have recognized Sheldon Lavin’s contribution in the society by honoring him with several awards.

Recently, OSI Industries has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan with the aim of establishing its business presence in various global destinations. Of interest to the company have been the Asian and European Markets. The company acquired renowned British firm, Baho Foods, and a food processing facility in Chicago called Tyson Food. Currently, the company is ranked as one of the biggest private businesses that process food in the United States. According to the President of OSI Industries, David McDonald, the OSI group of companies is on the right path to becoming one of the biggest enterprises in the food industry across the globe.

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OSI Group/ Industries Moving Foward

OSI Group, otherwise known as OSI industries, is a private American company that supplies the retail food industry with processed meat. The company began as a small meat distributor in the early part of the 20th century by German immigrant, Otto Kilschowsky. It was when the company partnered with the then fledgling food chain McDonald’s that began a partnership that would thrust both companies forward into the competitive, global forces that they have become. The company continues to expand on a global level and has recently purchased other food companies whose values are consistent with the company’s own. That is, a commitment to providing a quality product for food service industry.
The company searches for expansion opportunities at home as well as abroad. It recently purchased a former Tyson foods processing plant in order to expand its own production. The company also purchased a European company known as Flagship Europe to allow its grasp on the continent to broaden even wider in terms of its goals of reaching the ever-evolving needs of its customers, both domestic and foreign.

OSI Group has remained true to its roots in the sense that despite its global reach it maintains the principle that successful global companies must be locally focused. That is to say, a company with such global breadth cannot provide a uniform product and service. What serves one population and culture may not serve another, hence, as the company expands it must continue to evolve and adapt and expand its services and products, lest it will face extinction. For more info about us: click here.

The CEO of the company, Sheldon Levan, was originally a financial consultant of the business and had aspirations to turn the company started by Otto Kolschowky and his sons into the multinational enterprise it has become. The company now operates in 17 countries and sells its products in a total of 85 countries. He has also maintained a commitment to providing a quality product. OSI group has received awards for management of health and safety risks. Companies like OSI are able to stand the test of time because of their commitments to innovation, expansion and quality.