Disrupting An Industry The Don Ressler And Fabletics Style

Recently, Adam Goldenberg got invited to CNBC where he broke the news that JustFab was newly rebranded into TechStyle Fashion Group. It is the constant change that is today’s fashion industry that inspired this move. In an ever-changing industry such as that of fashion, it is crucial that a company is at per with the new demands of the customer so that it doesn’t suffer obscurity. The TechStyle Fashion Group has put a lot of effort in merging the convenience of online shopping and the power of brick and mortar stores. In a bid to satisfy the increasing number of subscribers to their different brands, Fabletics has a plan in place that will see an increase in the number of physical stores.

In the digital space, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler aspire to boost their influence on big data and subscription models to continue the growth of Fabletics Technology has enabled the company to cross various hurdles that arise when managing an inventory that is as broad as that of the company.

“Silicon Valley meets Fashion Arena.” This is how most people in Wall Street describe Adam and Don’s fashion brands. Their history in marketing has enabled them to create new marketing strategies that have aided the company in attracting more customers and also in achieving high retention rates affordable,

These two entrepreneurs understood the importance of e-commerce when they were heads of a department at Intermix Media called Alena Media. Alena Media used e-commerce to relay its marketing campaigns. Adam and Don used smart management and marketing methods which enabled the immense growth of Alena Media. For their first joint business, the two used the fortune they accrued from the successes of Alena Media. This new venture is what came to be known as JustFab

When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler first ventured into the fashion world, they knew that good marketing and management strategies are what would enable the company to scale greater heights. They were having a conversation with their friends when the idea of personalized clothing came to mind. However, before creating their first online fashion brand, they needed to ensure that theirs would be unique. Therefore they looked for something that would make it so. This is where the idea of coming up with quality clothes at affordable prices emerged from. It’s through teaming up with renown personalities such as model Kimora Lee Simmons that JustFab grew.