White Shark Media Helping SMBs Excel

With the goal to deliver a world-class experience, three Danish entrepreneurs collaborated in 2011 to form the White Shark Media. All the three entrepreneurs had a background in online and offline marketing and resolved to take over the small and medium business market in Latin America and the USA. They purposed to develop unique and unmatched products and services to realize the vision.

Currently, White Shark Media is a top digital marketing firm assisting small and medium-sized businesses grow through customized online marketing solutions. The company ranks amongst the emerging digital agencies in North America. The factors that differentiate White Shark Media from the rest are the commitment to offer top-class customer experience and the use of cost-friendly and effective online marketing companies.

Over the years the agency has guided thousands of companies to employ online marketing approaches and marketing tools that have bolstered growth. White Shark Media is very intentional about its methods and closely works with the clients to monitor progress. The company employs a variety of tracking tools including Google Analytics integration, keyword tracking, its reporting software, and competitive intelligence. For White Shark Media the number one priority is accountability to all customers at each step.

Another significant resource that has contributed to White Shark Media’s success is the employee base. The agency has a pool of talented and bilingual staff that handle domestic and offshore businesses. The firm has inculcated a culture of shared vision and value to guide the daily operations. With proven concepts and a history of success, the over 150 employees in multiple locations help the small and medium-sized business owners grow.

White Shark Media also prides itself on being an SMB partners for Google Adwords in the USA. Google acknowledged the agency’s growth in 2012 and assigned a team to help White Shark Media grow and address client needs better and initiated the Adwords partnership two years later. Microsoft also recognized White Shark Media’s efforts and made the part of the Authorized Reseller program of Bing Ads.

Currently, the digital agency focuses on creating more innovative and affordable marketing solutions to enable customers to succeed.