Who The RealReal Is and What They Are Doing To Change The Face of Consignments

After opening the 1st physical storefront in NYC, The RealReal is looking to expand even further in the year 2018. The business has said that you can expect that this year is going to be the start of the “year of pop-ups”. The director of marketing, Allison Summer has said in regards to the company.

When you have a storefront that is bringing styles out such as the RealReal, you will start to notice the presence of street level marketing. While in Miami, Allison spoke about what the future holds for fashion enthusiasts.

While in the trial and error phase, the first time that they held a popup was in NYC back in the year 2016. While this popup was occurring, the amount of money that was raised come in at just around $2 million dollars. Because this business has proven to be able to bring more customers in, the brand has decided to open more locations following the location in SoHo which opened up in late November. Since this location did so well, they have begun the process of opening more locations.

As shoppers enter into the shop and start to look around, they will take notice at all the various different features that the stores offer and soon they will become loyal shoppers. In a region where there is a short term pop up, the name will keep on because it will bring awareness to other popups.

A perfect example of this is a popup that occurred in November in the San Francisco area which wrapped up shortly after. The business has noticed that the number of people who now shop the brand online has grown by more than 500 percent.

What started out in the kitchen of Julie Wainwright’s home, the CEO of the RealReal has worked endlessly to raise awareness to the store front and what the consignment shop is all about. What started out with just Julie bringing in shoppers to the site has now launched into a business with over 600 employees working for them. Not only do they have more people working for them, they also have an increase in the areas that they are now able to ship to.