Jacob Gottlieb Is A Leading Hedge Fund Manager At Visium

Growing up in Brooklyn as a child, Jacob Gottlieb had a well-adjusted childhood and a strong focus on his education, having two high achieving parents. Jacob was highly interested in investing and business prospects as a child, going as far as selling his own cards and even winning an award in school for choosing stocks accurately. Jacob Gottlieb has personally worked in two different major careers, following in both of his parent’s footsteps. Like his mother, Jacob first became a licensed doctor capable of practicing medicine. Later, Jacob decided to switch careers and focus on business, like his father had done before him.

Jacob Gottlieb went to Rhode Island in order to attend Brown University where he ultimately earned his degree in economics. This was the beginning of Jacob’s start as an entrepreneur and businessman. Today, Jacob Gottlieb is the co-founder and CIO of the company Visium. This firm works with other corporations and individuals to oversee assets and provide management of capital. Today, Visium oversees more than 3 billion dollars worth of assets. Jacob Gottlieb personally played a major role in the success of Visium today.

Being a hedge fund investor seems like a pretty big change from being a doctor, but nonetheless, Jacob loves the work he does today. According to him, both careers are quite similar to each other in the sense that they require diligence, risk-taking, and critical thinking. While Jacob enjoyed helping others as a doctor, he is able to help many more people than he ever did before as an investor.

With all of his success, Jacob has been an active supporter of various non-profit organizations over the years, including Covenant House, Robin Hood Foundation, and Math for America. These organizations alone do tremendous amounts of good to help children, poverty, and homelessness.