George Soros, Returning Sanity to the Society through His Noble Deeds

George Soros has been a major forte to not only his society but to the entire world at large. He has been an upper hand in championing for a better community through his numerous good causes and generous donations. Through his efforts, his beneficiaries have received the necessary support to fight for their rights and more information click here.

George Soros’ background traces back to 1930 when he was born, in Hungary. He did not have a pleasant past especially after the Nazi occupation that rendered many Jews including his family homeless. This was a motivation point for George and his community. Rather than submitting to fate, they fought for not only their survival but also other people’s welfare  and learn more about George Soros.

George, later on, moved to London where through numerous job attempts, he managed to get himself educated at the London School of Economics. After that, he proceeded to venture into the investments and financial sector in the United States. This was a major breakthrough for Soros. By 1970, he had managed to initiate the Soros Fund Management which was his independent hedge fund and what George Soros knows.

George accumulated a fortune from his hedge fund which he used to start the Open Society Foundations. This was a huge deal for him considering that it harbored numerous foundations, projects, and partners in over 100 nations. The Open Society Foundations was a direct reflection of Karl Popper’s book, Open Society and Its Enemies, which illustrates the power of democracy in society. No one can flourish unless they are bestowed with the freedom to express themselves with regards to their individual rights and Follow his Twitter.

George’s philanthropy kicked off in 1979 when he first issued scholarships to the blacks facing apartheid in South Africa. One year later, he provided photocopiers to revive banned texts in the Communist Eastern Bloc which encouraged an open flow of ideas. He surpassed boundaries and extended his work to the United States, Asia, and Africa to support the forces championing for accountability and transparency. Already aging, George is still active in pushing forward for the success of his foundation while advocating for positive policies worldwide and read full article.

The world has greatly acknowledged Soros’ works of great success. He has been viewed as the invisible hand that has been there to fund liberal protests movements and at the same time ensuring a global order. Consequently, it has been evident that he still has the upper hand in controlling the world’s politics and economy.

This, for instance, could be linked to one of his encounters when he altered England’s monetary order by betting against its pound. Many would, later on, contemplate George Soros as a man with great influence to the world’s system. Despite being a major target to many conspiracy theories, he remains a favorite to the people. Soros is still active in pushing on for the success of his foundation and bringing a difference to the society and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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